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I use a Nuc as Roon server a Cambridge Cxn as streamer. Both Nuc and the streamer are wire connected via ethernet and Roon properly detect the streamer as an endpoint in the audio setting section. My question is if there is any benefit in establishing an additional wired connection between the two devices through a usb cable.
Thank you for help and clarification.

No. Ethernet allows you to put distance between Roon Server and your audio components. Distance is a good thing. A USB cable would spoil that advantage and offer no benefits in return.

I don’t see the benefit of using both connections. Wouldn’t that make the streamer appear as two endpoints, one local and one remote? You should use one or the other.

You should use whatever works best for you. The distance between the server and endpoint - however you define that - is not a factor per se.

I have found that following the manufacturer’s recommendations is beneficial. YMMV

To get the best sound quality from Roon, plan for an ethernet cable between your server and output components.


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Thank you all for replying. Issue clarified

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