Networkshare for backup failed after Windows 2004 update

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In the spring I had problems with network share and in the above topic you can read what the solution was for me. It turned out that the folders had to be shared in detail. I was glad that I could finally have backups made in the chosen folders on external drives of my PC.
Two weeks ago I saw a warning sign in the Roon app, it turned out that no backups were made because access to the disks was denied. The sharing settings in those folders had not been changed. After a long search, the update of Windows to version 2004 turned out to have changed a setting in the network center. From settings> network center> advanced sharing settings> all networks> enable or disable password protected sharing> I had to choose disable again and network share worked as it did before.
In Roon I now only have to enter the IP address with the drive letter and access is arranged. I have heard that Windows unfortunately wants to end network sharing in the future. Maybe forum members know more about this?

Greetings, Bert