*New* 1.FM Radio

Things seems to have changed lately: 1.FM - Online internet radio | The music starts here!

All stations now with new distinct logos. Fewer stations - some gone others changed name.
Some of the listed ones don’t even play for me on the web page currently (example: Adult Urban Hits Choice).

Can you please look into that (mess) and adapt.

Thanks for the tip-off @BlackJack , this will take a while I’m afraid - 73 stations!

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Pretty much what I expected - don’t worry. :slightly_smiling_face:
Sadly, I don’t know when they made the changes or why some of the stations don’t play (for me) and if this gets corrected in the (near) future. I was unable to find any information about that.

Changing streams is OK, (Browser inspect needed), but decent new images proving difficult…

PS. Changed 1.FM: Adult Urban Hits Choice stream for you.

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To this one?

PS: As I wrote, this station doesn’t even play from the official website (for me) and also not through TuneIn or the internet radio services integrated in my audio devices.

I have no problems. I also VPN’d to Switzerland and played OK from there.

Are you having trouble with other stations?

Ugh, that website is not very good - the metadata shown is not correct. I’ve just supposedly played Brahms and heard Tchaikovsky.

Not that I’m aware of. From my first line of stations from the page I linked above, only the marked ones play for me (on that page).

The official one I linked above?

Note: Other sources might not be up-to-date for obvious reasons (because 1.FM changed something and that is also why I started this thread).

OK, I just played the first 10 with no problems - from the UK… but

VPN’d to Switzerland and see the same as you. (and now also can’t play Urban hits - must have messed up before).
Let me have a look at the audio servers…


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Audio server same for all streams I have checked so far, but some streams are geofenced.
Why those and not others?

Do you conclude that only from the result of your test or did there somewhere an official notification show up that this is so, implying that this is intentional?

I couldn’t find any announcement from the broadcaster 1.FM about what’s going on or why.

yes. I have tried to find something official but can’t find anything.
VPN’d to France, Germany, Italy, US… all OK. Looks like restricting home market.

EDIT The response header for a problem stream contains

Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *

so I have no idea what’s going on.

Just keep checking and adapting? The playback problems for Switzerland may (hopefully) get resolved in the future. :expressionless:

PS: Looking at the comments in the Play Store, it seems like something was going on around the 12. March 2021 (depending on TZ). Users reported later that things got fixed but the app is still from last year. And also there, no official response. Also no “about” information reachable from the current homepage - but one can find an old one via Google, dated 2016. The company is still active. There was a change in the board of directors recently - if I saw it right, the first and only one since 2016. Hmm …

I think so. I’ve checked at random a few of the current streams in Roon and they all seem to still work, so there’s not the urgency I thought at first,

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I’m not sure if this is a viable test. For example:

This station plays in Roon but doesn’t exist (no more) on the website. So what’s it playing?


Turns out, it’s playing the station “Hot Country”.

Yes, they’ve renamed some of the streams. Classical is now “Otto’s Classical Music”.

Oh well, it will keep me occupied…


Finally added them all.

However, some stations still won’t play from CH.

Many thanks for your efforts.

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