New album from favourite artists notification

Hi guys

How does one keep track of artists that you like and that they release new albums. I want to ‘like’ certain artists and then Roon notifies me when a new album is released.

Is this possible ? But I want a notification specifically when I open Roon up.



Hi Adam,

Sounds like a Feature Request to me. Actually, I think it already is, so search that section and add your voice to an existing thread; before just starting a new one.


Will do Dan. Thanks

Hey Dan

Hope your well and merry Christmas. Do you know if this enhancement got looked at?

I do see new albums released have some of my liked artists but not sure if working as I asked ? Cheers

Take a look at the following:

Feed it your favourite artists and it will notify you of new releases. You can enter them manually, of link it to Apple Music, Spotify and

I don’t know if it is on Roons to do list.