New album King: We Are KING plays through TIDAL, visible but 'not currently available from Tidal' in Roon

As above, King: We Are KING, released Friday February 5th, can be searched and added in Roon, but when I try to play it, I get the message ‘not currently available in TIDAL’. Plays fine through the TIDAL app.
Also, this artist/group King links to another artist in the database.

There’s a lag between availability on Tidal and visibility in Roon

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Yes, I know there is a lag, but it is visible in Roon, was actually visible (and possible to add) before release, saying ‘Release Febuary 5th’. It’s just not possible to play it through Roon.

probably same reason…

Can you give me a link to the album on the TIDAL site, and also let me know what region of the world you’re in? I’ll take a look.

The link to the album is, the Roon computer is on a VPN through The Netherlands (I am in Norway).
An update to what happens now: When I add the King album, it will show ‘not currently available in TIDAL’, but the currently playing will show it plays the first song of the album, while actually playing the first track queued up after the King album. The rest of the King songs remain in the queue until this song is finished, then ‘not currently available in TIDAL’ flashes again, and the first track after the King album repeats.
(hope that was somewhat clear, I have a 7 month old baby here taking most of my attention)

Yesterday, after deleting the mentioned album from Roon and then synching with TIDAL (again. I have tried deleting, synching and then playing and adding pretty much every day. Playing never worked, adding not a problem) it was finally possible to play We Are King through Roon, but could not to add back to the collection.
Today, after opening TIDAL again and unstarr there, I could also add to collection.

The Roon database still points to the wrong King artist.