New albums qobuz grand selection not updated

New albums showing in qobuz-app (added 22-03-2019) are not shown in roon “New releases - Qobuz grand selection”on this next day. How often this list is synchronized? I’d like to to browse new albums in the roon-environment.
The new arrivals can be found in Roon by searching the album by name.

I think this is actually a problem with Qobuz, not Roon.

Right now, the Qobuz “grand selection” is identical on the Qobuz website to what it is in Roon - but Qobuz doesn’t update the grand selection on Friday / Thursday midnight like everyone else - they trickle out updates from late on Friday through the next Friday (or even after), which is frustrating.

What makes it MORE frustrating is there’s actually a link on the Qobuz website that lists ALL new releases, in reverse chronological order, which is EXACTLY what I want - but it’s virtually hidden on the interface and is NOT accessible via Roon - here’s the link for Classical:

Interesting. This view is not available on the Dutch version of the Qobuz site. Only a selection is shown. This is the case on the download-site and the streaming app.
Today the selection shown in Roon is the same as in the Qobuz-app.

The ‘same’ view for Dutch customers of Qobuz, like me.

Hover over “Klassiek” and a blue screen will pop up. Then click on “Nieuw” and you’ll see the view I’m referring to.

Thank you! I’m learning ervery day of new options.

Same issue this Friday for me.
I can see the New Releases with the Qobuz application, but in Roon, it is stuck to last friday realeses, it is not updated.
First time it happens for me (or that I noticed it on Friday…)

Thanks for you feedbacks.

It’s updated now…
It was not some hours ago.

Is there a delay to update Roon ?

Any information about how Qobuz information is available in Roon?

As another example, the album Norman Fucking Roswell! (Lana Del Rey) is available in Qobuz since Yesterday, but not in Roon, whatever the search…
Thanks for your feedback.

There is a synch delay between tidal, Qobuz and roon. Some of it is the metadata synchronisation I believe.