New Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet

Once the google play store was successfully loaded (easy instructions on internet search), Roon loaded with no drama. Found my core immediately. Screen resolution and size are great. This tablet is a nice, low cost way to control Roon. As good as my ipads actually.


Does this tablet support vertical as well as the normal horizontal view?

Thinking about the use of iPad pro 12" but maybe something cheaper might be better as a dedicated platform.

Just horizontal unless I am missing a setting

cost of the fire HD?

Edit …

I wonder what international availability is like

$149. Not sure about international. I read the reference. Not sure I totally agree with assessment. That said, for Roon, web surfing, email, Facebook, etc. it’s plenty fast and works flawlessly. Not an Amazon fanboy, but this cheap little tablet does what it needs to

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I’m tempted to go this route as well. I very much dislike the home screen of the Fire tablets but, as you noted, installing Google Play Store changes the whole game.

I’m using a Nexus 7 (2013) tablet as a Roon remote but finding the display is very small. I really like the stock Android experience though.

valuable feedback for me as I was looking for a new tablet.

my baby boy dropped my precious nexus 9 which was just super awesome with roon. now the screen is shattered and i am looking for a new one. The only reason I did not look into the new fire hd 10 was potential performance issues, i.e.:
a short delay when opening roon and also a laggy experience when browsing through the roon remote interface.

can you confirm that you cannot see anything like that on your fire hd?

So far it is as responsive as my iPad Pro. I’m not a “power user” so opinions may vary with others. Have not experienced the annoying wait each time I leave Roon and then return after using another app like I do with the Apple. Again, all in All for $149 it makes a good Control. The screen is large enough and has resolution that works well.

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Hi @drdk,

how is this holding out after a month of use? Thinking of doing this myself but worried about long term stability with Amazon updating the tablet and wrecking its Roon Remote capability.

Still satisfied. Only issue is with their book app. Go figure


Does anyone know if you can just download the Roon android apk to the tablet or do you need to install the play store?

Just a head’s up that Amazon is selling these now for $50 off. $100 for this device is pretty fantastic.

There are instructions online as to how to access the Google play store. Roon is not currently on the Amazon store. It’s a simple process, just Google search how to load Roon on amazon Fire.

Also, to my dismay, the Fire10 is now on sale for $100 dollars. You can’t control Roon much more cheaply

Happy Thanksgiving

Cheers for that, £40 off in the UK too. Primed!

I just got the Fire HD 10 about a week ago and loaded the play store on it, most instructions on the web are for loading the play store and there are plenty of apps there that are handy, like swiftkey. Good graphics, very responsive, good touch sensitivity the only small knock on it is it only views in landscape mode, portrait is not available. Decent battery life although I recommend turning the Fire off when not using as it can go thru 20% battery overnight in sleep mode. For $100, $150 not on sale it is probably the best budget remote out there.

So, I also used the cyber monday week in Germany and got my own Fire HD10 for 109€. Ridiculous price for this device.

Given that I was using the Nexus 9 before, the Fire HD 10 is “less attractive” for Roon:

  • Colours are not as crisp (white is more washed out/ greyish)
  • 10" screen is a bit too big for Roon
  • Much heavier and bulkier than Nexus 9
  • Widescreen Display Ratio is less appealing
  • less comfortable to hold with one hand and to browse roon with the other (primarily due to its heavier weight)
  • less comfortable to navigate with thumbs when you hold the tablet with both hands, as you thumb radius now needs to cover a 10" widescreen

These are just the cons as compared to my beloved Nexus 9. And comparing both devices now makes clear what Roon Team meant by saying that they mainly used a Nexus 9 for testing their tablet app. Nexus 9 really hit the sweet spot of usability…

The Pro’s of the Fire HD 10:

  • ridiculously cheap
  • Snappy interface, as drdk described above
  • you can see one column of albums more on the display due to its bigger display size
  • maybe best tablet below 200€ price tag for using roon

I will continue using it for now and also see how guests interact with it when they are at my place and want to “play DJ”. Maybe I end of buying an iPad Mini or the new iPad, although I hate iOS / Apple devices…

I bought a refurbished Fire HD 8 (2017) the other day and installed the Google Play Store to enable installation of conventional Android apps and even installed a new launcher; the Fire interface is not to my liking.

Roon remote has been running well so, in the end, I added a remote for about $50 and an hour of work.

The HD 8 is not as snappy as my Google Pixel 2 which runs stock Android but it’s plenty responsive and has a nice display for controlling Roon.

I really wanted an iPad for a remote but $50 vs $300+ enables me to spend more on music or gear.