New Amazon Products & Roon

Would love to see Amazon Alexa support to be integrated into Roon. The yare launching more and more integration products, and this would be an excellent add for the interface. In additon to the voice control, they are launching a new Amazon Echo Show with a 10" base station screen, which would/could be an interface that coud function in the home, when IPad/Phones are not available. Could be similar to the display functionality that was present in my old Logitech Touch. There is also a first alert smoke detector out there with a speaker and onboard alexa, so arguably you could help integrate whole home sound very easily.


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Not to mention a microwaveable Roon.


Not very clear here, the smoke detector should stop ROON or pump up the volume?

The smoke detector is a built in speaker/alexa onboard the unit which streams and will play music from it. in essence if you outfit your home with them you have a linkeed speake in each room

It will automatically play ā€œIā€™m on Fireā€ ā€¦ when Alexa keeps listening it may happen always when things get - well - smoky in a room. :sunglasses: