New Amp Plus, anyone?

has anyone tried the new Mytek Amp Plus? It can be purchased as Plus or upgraded from an old Amp.
Does it sounds any better than the original? I read the technical explanations from Mytek about the upgrade but have read nothing from users about the new sound qualities.

+1. I’m about to send mine to Mytek for the + treatment. Call it a leap of faith. Let’s hope someone has some intel.

How much does it cost? I heard about 500USD.

Damian at Mytek in Brooklyn quoted $500. He said they would have the Amp about ten days.

It is very likely a total motherboard replacement. The old Amp was already very good, so this one should be amazing !

Damian claimed that the difference was truly significant. I love mine, especially after changing the power cord to an Audience Forte which really makes a difference after burn in. Hard to part with the amp even for ten days, but…

I am using the power cord that came along the amp. I have heard a lot about fancy power cables but thought it was nonsense. So, do you recommend to change the power cord?

I think it is worth the expense. I did notice that it took quite a long time for the cord to burn in (300 hours). The sound has a bit more openness and depth.

Hi Walter, did it return to your hands after the upgrade ? :slight_smile:

Have yet to send. Probably later this month. Thanks!