New B&W Zeppelin doesn't seem to be Roon Ready?

Seems to be a little odd considering the other wireless current gen speakers are.


The What HI-Fi ‘review’ contains the following:

B&W will, in 2022, also add multi-room support (not inclusive of stereo pairing) for other Zeppelins and products within its Formation range.

Which suggests they may or may not get around to it sometime next year. It does seem an odd omission to not even mention Roon in terms of ‘coming soon’ even, given that the Formation range is Roon Ready. We should at least give them credit for not promising something they potentially can’t deliver (other manufacturers take note).

As usual, buy it for what it does now, not what it might do sometime in the future.

Roon Ready matters to maybe 200k people, AirPlay 2 trillion. Not hard to see where the priorities lie.

What a seemingly stupid omission.

If you’re a Roon user, sadly, the company says the speaker will not be made Roon Ready, but the B&W can still connect via AirPlay.

I noticed that they are selling the Wedge at a reduced price, I hope that they aren’t EOL’ing it. With the Zeppelin getting an “upgrade” it makes me wonder.

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The Formation series hasn’t sold that well from what I have read and are expensive, Roon isn’t mass market to shift them. BS and Sonos really own this middle sector of the market. BT/Airplay speakers trancing those. Odd as Naim do fine with their Muso and QB series of higher end speakers but then they are a lot smaller company and don’t need the same volume of sales.

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Where did you see this?

That’s interesting. I do not see that discount when I check their website

Probably only an Australian offer then.

I asked the question about Roon Readyness on their Facebook page, being a Bowers & Wilkins fan (I have an original Zeppelin Air an A7 and two pairs of headphones), they just deleted my question without answering it.

They just lost a customer.

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That’s annoying

Is there any device like that roon ready? E.g Mashall Killburn isn‘t it, too?

The Bluesound Pulse Flex 2i or Pulse 2i:

That said I have the original Zeppelin (not even the Air) and it works just fine using a RaspberryPi and Ropieee.

I’ve been following this and am also surprised that the new Zeppelin isn’t Roon ready because it at least looks like the Formation Wedge, and they’ve already got that tech figured for the Formation line.

FWIW, we bought a timber-framed home a couple of years ago, and the prospect of running wires turned me onto the Formation line as it is a) wireless; b) supports high resolution. We now own 2 formation wedges, 3 formation flexes, 1 formation sub (which I move between a wedge and the soundbar depending on whether we are watching live music or a compelling movie), a formation soundbar and 1 formation audio (to stream to my amp/passive speakers)/

After some fiddling with my Orbi mesh (there is a key setting to enable higher throughput on the 2.4 network, on which formation communicates), I have zero drops, even up in my barn which is 200 yards from the house (where the formation audio is connected to amp and some Vienna Acoustics speakers).

I really love these B&W speakers! They fill our entire home (and barn) with great, synchronized sound regardless of where you are. I would love to hear the Formation Duos in a more controlled, listening environment, but we just don’t have that space …

I am so glad you like the formation line so much. I agree, they are pretty awesome. One question, you mentioned a key setting on your mesh wifi to enable higher throughput. Can you care to share what that is?