New Bluesound Pulse 2i and Pulse Mini 2i Announced

(Chris ) #21

That’s saying something as I have a Pulse 2 and it is amazing for the conservatory. Get two as a stereo pair… That would be a great modest room system…

(I B) #22

Hello David. Thanks for the great info. Can’t wait to read your review :slight_smile:

I just installed one of the speakers. After 10 minutes of listening I can say that I like the sound. You mentioned that the setting goes back to TV . Yes indeed, very annoying. Hope BSound fixes this soon.I advised Bluesound about this issue

(I B) #23

Hello David ,Not sure if you are aware Got this info from Blue wrt the settings that change constantly from Music to TV .
" In the BluOS controller, please select Settings -Player-Auto Sense -OFF.

Ensure the Auto Sense is OFF, hope this helps you!"

(David Hunter) #24

Thank you, but I need Auto Sense ON because my speakers in one room are connected to my TV. I don’t want to have to manually switch my sources every time I watch TV or listen to music.

The problem is that when I have my TV off and I’m only listening to music, the settings don’t stay on MUSIC. It switches to TV on all speakers even though only two speakers are connected to the TV and the TV is off and has not been turned on for days.

(simon arnold) #25

Sounds like the TV is still sending out the odd signal and auto sense is picking it up and switches to the TV input. Perhaps auto sense is too sensitive?