New Browse by folder feature

Happy April 1st!

(April Fools Day)


I came here after more than 2 years of being away from these forums to check whether Roon had implemented browse by folder yet. I saw that the other thread had grown too long, with more of the same, followed by a curt message from a moderator saying that the devs have made clear that it is not on the roadmap. Then I saw this thread and could scarcely believe my eyes. Sadly, it’s a joke.

So many people have requested this feature. Yet the devs just won’t listen. Sad.

Incidentally, I did what the other thread suggested and spent a few months editing metadata for more than 90,000 classical music files. Guess what, Roon still doesn’t work. It fails at something as basic as not knowing the difference between “Fruhlings-sonate” and “Spring Sonata”. To be fair, ANY tag-based playback program will fail at this. Which is why folders are a superior way to browse for music.

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That’s my concern too but I sincerely hope (and expect) it won’t take 5 years and version 1.5 will bring the announced major UI update.

Just curious. Why did you edit metadata for 90,000 classical music files if you are happy with folder browsing? Seems like a huge effort.

It will never happen. This and generic UPnP support will never come to Roon.


Refreshingly honest.


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