New cd not being accepted when I rip it through my Zen

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Description of Issue

I have been attempting to rip my new Summer Walker cd, ‘Still Over It’, through my Zen MkII but it is constantly showing as Unknown album/artist etc… If all the tracks were ripped it wouldn’t be so bad because I would be able to add the info manually, however only tracks 10-19 are showing (unnamed). This quite often happens with new releases but I find that once I’ve deleted the unnamed version, then re-ripped it immediately, the full album info is saved. I’ve been attempting to do this with the Summer Walker cd since Friday 5th Nov without success.

Have you tried to Rip it on another PC, and then copy it over to the Roon watched Storage Location.

No, I’m not able to rip to a PC unfortunately.

What does the Innuos ripper say about this album then? (through it’s web interface…)