New cheap Sonos speakers - Symfonisk

I just bought myself two new speakers for my bedroom. So I just wanted to share the info on these new Sonos speakers, that are sold at IKEA for 99 Euros a piece.

They also come in black. For those who want to have “invisble” speakers, there are lamps with inbuilt speaker

They even have Airplay 2 and integrate with Roon perfectly. The inside is supposed to be built on the Play One - but without Alexa etc.

Been a great addition to my system.

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My 7y/o is overjoyed:


How is the sound quality? Is Roon support via Airplay only?

They’ve just got these in stock in my local store and it’s tempting :slight_smile:

They sound a bit better than should be expected for the price. Great for background music and/or in smaller rooms. Slightly less great in your living room, probably.

Here’s a proof-of-concept for our bedroom. They’ll be flush against the wall eventually – got two brackets waiting.

As for Roon: you can play to them via Airplay or via Sonos Streaming. Same difference, as far as I can hear.

They are definitely great for the bedroom - that is where I have mine and the sound is very good for that purpose. I am pretty sure many people would be perfectly happy using them as their main speakers - but I do not think Roon users would feel that way, since listening to music is obviously more important to us, than to many people out there who just love having music in the background. Therefore I have something quite different in my livingroom. But for bedroom, kids, kitchen, bathroom whatever - they are pretty perfect for the price and beyond. Also they are not only connected in Roon via Airplay, one can also connect them as Sonos speakers. So there are many options.

Has anyone tried these or the lamp speakers as rear surrounds for a Sonos Beam TV speaker in a bedroom? I’m thinking about doing that with the lamps, but must wait a few months until I’m back in Canada to buy them. I already have the Beam, which does a decent job of enhancing TV sound. Of course, they could then be used individually or in a pair with Roon for some quiet bedside table listening.

So they work ok as a stereo pair? I assume you have to set them up in their own app first?

Yes. And yes.

So I ended up getting a pair of these and have since returned my Bluesound Pulse Mini 2i.

I had a bunch of problems with the Pulse not connecting properly or delaying playback whereas these worked perfectly out of the box and have done so ever since.

I know they’re not hi-fi but the sound quality is perfectly adequate for my needs (bedroom/kitchen background music) and at 1/6 of the price I can kit out every room and still have cash left over.

sound quality is as good as a Play:1
light… hhhhmmm… pretty much just decorative :no_mouth:
(and I’m one who does like low lights)

oh… no Roon icon for it… yet? :wink:

Do these speakers support 5GHz WiFi band, 802.11ac? Tech specs for them is the best kept secret, I couldn’t find this info anywhere. But I found FCC testing documents for them that mention 5GHz band but there was no definite indication that they can be connected via 802.11ac.

While I don’t have specific technical insight on the new Symfonisk speakers, my understanding is that sonos mainly operates using the 2.4GHz range. This support page (sonos system requirements) seems to support this as well:

I can also confirm that the latest version of the Sonos One (Gen2) that I briefly owned, did indeed utilise only the 2.4GHz range.

Not sure if there has been a change with the new Symfonisk speakers (you never know).


afair… Sonos creates and works on a separate wireless mesh network
you must either connect one Sonos speaker via ethernet or use a wired Sonos Boost then all additional speakers will work wirelessly

No way that something must be connected by wire. The description says “WiFi bookshelf speaker”. If it had to be connected by wire Ikea would have had 99% returns for this product.

I found a Play:1 manual and it has this statement: “Sonos communicates over a 2.4GHz home network supporting 802.11 b/g wireless technology. 5GHz networks are not supported in a completely wireless Sonos setup.”

Then in one of the online articles about Sonos I found this: “Although the Sonos One speakers have hardware support for 5Ghz, this band isn’t used except for home theater configurations.” That’s probably why the FCC documents mentioned this band.

I read about the SonosNet 2.0 network, a proprietary wireless mesh WiFI network operating in the 2.4Ghz band. That’s what @pl_svn meant. This network is optional.

Anyway, Sonos does not support the 5GHz band although they use it somehow. I don’t understand why they decided to live in the past and support only 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g wireless technology, not even 802.11n! The 5GHz band has many more channels and they could use it for many purposes.

I had a chance to listen to a Play:1 speaker at the store (Ikea is too far from me) and I felt the speaker was lacking in higher frequencies but the bass was good. Does anyone else think the same about the Symfonisk? Sonos doesn’t publish frequency specs of their audio hardware. What kind of company is this?

Sonos mainly sell to people who couldn’t care less about the specs of the equipment. It is Mainly a lifestyle product.

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via airplay or via Sonos

As long as Sonos don’t need the 5GHz bandwidth (and they won’t do HiRes), 2.4 is moving better through walls and around corners.

2.4 GHz “moves” better through walls if you live alone in the middle of nowhere. In a crowded environment 2.4 GHz has become problematic.

Do I have to buy any Sonos equipment or does Roon recognize the speakers as an individual system and can I use them without Sonos?