New Classical Video Platform: A440!

“A440 is an online live-streaming and video on demand platform dedicated to bringing classical music into the 21st century and connecting artists to audiences around the world. Our platform is for any artist, arts organization, or venue of all sizes.

A440 provides artists with a beautiful space to present livestreams, VODs, blogs, and other digital content to a classical music focused community while giving them the tools necessary to monetize that content through subscription paywalls and donation portals.”

Please check out my friend Andrew’s new company. He’s wonderful and has worked really hard on this the past few years.


It’s not clear (to me) what the business model is. Could you elaborate on how this venture cash flows?

Some great interviews with the artists here too.

Hey guys! I’m the founder of A440. Would love to answer any questions you have.

As for the cashflow, artists on the platform can put any of their work behind a paywall. Audiences can access that content through either a ticket or a subscription. A440 takes a percentage of that transaction.

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I like the play on the pitch of A in standard tuning.

Nice touch. Best of luck with the site. :notes:

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