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Hi all,
I always use Apple device to remote my roon.
Now I have an android device and want to remote my Naim systems. If I use Pandora to play on iPhone, I. can see and access all the devices with a small bottom on the bottom right (see photo).
Question: how can I access those Naim and Roon end devices on Pandora for Android ?

Maybe I don’t understand the question, but Roon does not support Pandora.

That’s the Airplay icon. On Android devices, the comparable technology is Google Cast (used to be called Chromecast). If you have any devices that support Google Cast rendering, then you get a cast icon showing in apps much like you get that Airplay icon when you have Airplay renderers on your network when using an iDevice.

Google’s own Chromecast Audio “puck” has been discontinued at this point, but if you Google for it, you can probably find one for sale. (They were $35USD when current.) You could feed that into the input on one of your existing amps if none of your current gear supports Google Cast natively.

Thanks for the reply!
That’s only a example. In general I want to access Roon end devices on android. That’s all.

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Thanks so much.

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