New Community Bookmark Options

A little while ago and without warning the bookmarks in community pages changed.
They were a touch to bookmark & they suddenly changed offering options i.e reminders/no reminders…etc. I’m sure this facility is very useful for many but for me it’s an unnecessary PITA, is there any option somewhere, that I might have missed, that’s allows me access to simple bookmarks i.e. touch on/off?
The bookmark experience, for me, is now an impractical irritation.

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I had a look at the Discourse (forum software) community site but could not find a way to adjust this.

Thought, adding a custom bookmark name and the other selections are optional.

It’s possible to just click the bookmark icon and then click save … admittedly it’s two clicks now not one.


Looks like this was part of a recent update to Discourse. Their team has an open thread where they explain some of the motivations behind the change, you can check it out here.

We can’t revert back to the old behavior, but you actually don’t even have to tap the Save button in the bookmark menu. Just tap outside of the menu and the bookmark will still be saved for you!


Hi Kevin (& Carl) thanks for that tip, adding is now much easier having bookmarked your post.

I’m using an iPad Pro 11.9, so it might be just this machine but have you tried removing the bookmark. Touch to delete, touch to confirm, box closes, bookmark still “there.” Refresh the page & it has actually gone. *** ignore please, seems to work now ***

I’ll have a word with discourse, it’s certainly the best community software I’ve experienced but this, for me at least, is a rare negative.



Hi Paul,

I’ve just tested both post and topic bookmarking using …

  • Windows 10 PC with Chrome

  • iPad Air 2 running iPadOS 13.5.1 with both Chrome and Safari.

No issues, all works as one would expect… no need to refresh browser.

What iPadOS and browser combination(s) have you tested?

It is disconcerting, but not as much as the fact that when one leaves a thread to go back to the main forum one is placed at the top of the forum rather than in the section one was just in.

Hi Carl,

After closing and reopening Safari It’s working fine now thanks. It’s another of those “glitches” I guess, thanks.



Guess so, a lot of “glitches” can be resolved that way.

I’m a bit “old school” in a sense that I tend to shutdown applications after use rather than have them hanging around, my wife on the other hand typically leaves them in the background and she has way more issues that I. When the “IT Support” request comes in I power her phone/tablet down, restart and hand it back :wink:

On the home PC, I have it set to switch off the screen, but I’ve disabled the sleep & hibernate modes as some applications unfortunatly just don’t behave well after awakening.

I think my wife & yours must be related :wink:

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