NEW: dCS Limited Edition RoonReady Vivaldi One and MQA ....more

$55.000 buys a lot of staplers.


That’s £55,000 :grin:

… and yes, I want one…

Would be great to see a more detailed press release, particularly regarding MQA and the Rossini.

I have a vintage SwingLine I might be willing to part with.


It’s coming. Not sure why Part Time Audiophile released in advance of the official dCS announcement.

Last I heard MQA on the Rossini will be shown at Munich and a software update will be made generally available in the near future to all original owners.

To get more coverage for themselves, one supposes…

Allowing for a customer who wants the flagship Vivaldi system a simpler package, that takes up less space, requires fewer expensive cables (with the reduction in components) and in the end a lower price tag.

What’s not to like!? I’ll take the 24K gold faceplate version please.

Oh, I see, lower price tag, not low price tag. Scrap that plan.

Is 55 grand really a saving!? How much did the separates cost? And did they not throw the cables in?

I think the separates are £20k each and you need 4 to spin discs at the highest quality.

At £16k for the whole thing the Rossini deserves to be selling like hot cakes.

Well… if you have to ask :grin:

In the US the full stack is around $115,000.

BUT… you also need a loom of cables to hook the whole thing up. That’s 5 AES cables for signal and 5 BNC-terminated cables for clocking.

Cables are included, but they’re “OK” at best, but they will allow everything to function. Most owners go the aftermarket cable route and most choose either Transparent or Nordost. In both cases the right wire is not cheap (a significant double-digit percentage of the cost of the components).

Depending on where you go with power cables, conditioning, digital cables, and interconnects the full stack gets very expensive without a lot of effort. The real problem is that the resolution of the Vivaldi is so high that all of these “accessory” bits have a very noticeable impact on sound quality.

Yep. It’s huge. Even with the external clock you only need two clock cables and a couple of power cables. That can cut the total investment down significantly.

… and it is. Easily the most popular product that dCS has ever released.

Beautiful piece, but not sure my old ears could fully appreciate it. Cost prohibitive for me.

I simply don’t understand that, but then again I’ve only dabbled in moderately expensive cables and decided I’m happy with more modest ones. But for the life of me I can’t understand why competent engineers at the top of their game, selling six figure hifi, can’t include a decent wire to join the components together - and by decent I mean not one that ‘needs’ replacing for the system to ‘shine’.

The primary reason cables are expensive is marketing costs of cable companies. It wouldn’t cost dCS a fortune to make them. Or put them all in a big box if you have to and avoid them altogether.

This isn’t a dCS specific criticism, it applies to most high end hifi. How can 100k worth of kit need all that extra power conditioning to sound how they intended? Crazy. In many ways I’m glad I can’t afford it. :grin:

It’s clearly my bed time…