New DeBussy DAC

Just traded my Ayre preamp and QB 9 DSD DAC for a demo DeBussy.
Just plugged everything in, started up HQ and Roon and it wasn’t as good; closed HQ, played thru Roon and it was fantastic.
Started up Amara 4, Auudorvana… same: too much treble, highs were off; ran Tidal with no other software and WHAM… gorgeous.
So, do I need all of these filters, or should I let the DeBussy just sing?

Also, unable to play DSD’s; any tips?

First off make sure that you have the DSD Playback Strategy in Roon’s device setup set to “DSD over PCM v1.0 (DOP)”. The “Initial dCS Method” only applies to some of our classic products before the official DoP standard existed.

Second you should try resetting the USB interface on the Debussy:

  • Power off the unit by holding down the front panel power button (all LEDs should go out)
  • Hold down the Input and Vol- buttons, then press the power button.
  • Continue holding Input and Vol- until all of the front panel LEDs start to flash (about 15 seconds)
  • When the LEDs stop flashing the device is now in USB class 1 mode.

Repeat the above steps, but hold down Input and Vol+ instead. This will switch it back to class 2 operation and force a reload of the USB firmware.

Thank you…
Did all of that but no sound.

Anything else I can try?