New developments for Spotify?

In Roon when I goto “Settings/Services” I find Tidal, Qobuz and DropBox but Spotify is not mentionned.
One of my speakers is the “KEF LSX”.
I would like to have Roon integrating KEF/Spotify.

This capability seems to be available now or I am missing something.
Over a year ago on could read here.

“… KEF has announced the availability of a firmware upgrade that will add support for native Roon
streaming (‘Roon Tested‘) and Spotify Connect.
No more Google Chromecast workaround for Roon will be required – the LSX will appear as a
directly streamable endpoint.”

I can Connect Spotify and KEF but Roon plays no role.
Is Roon now integrating Spotify? I suppose not.
Thank you.

I think that was two separate arrivals.

  1. Roon
  2. Spotify Connect

Spotify Connect is the name for Spotify’s app.

So not Spotify on Roon - Spotify AND Roon.

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Spotify can’t and won’t be available via Roon. It’s not in Spotify’s interests to allow 3rd parties control of their service, they want full control of what users can access and use the data for their own goals. This is why using their own app is the only way to control it on any devices. Also as Ged mentions that article is two news stories , KEF gets Spotify connect so you can use the Spotify app to play music on the KEFS and the fact that Roon will play music to them to.

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Thank you CrystalGipsy.
I will forget this idea for good.
I got to like the Tidal connection a lot this is why I was a bit stuburn on Spotify.

But I’m able to use Spotify through a third party app (Spotty) on my LMS system? I’m honestly not sure how that works though. I’m keen to try Roon, but lack of Spotify is a big issue for me - Although I prefer Qobuz and Tidal, my wife is a big Spotify user.



Ah…of course! That makes sense…

Spotify won’t let you listen to their service for free on 3rd party apps for sure (because they need your data to monetize the service).
But on Premium accounts, you can do it. I use Volumio and it has a Spotify integration.

I think the real question is whether RoonLabs wants to support Spotify…

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Volumio is free software and uses open source API not official channels. Its a modified version of librespot which is itself a reveresed engineering of the API and it offers Spotify connect and in some cases library access Same thing thats used in Dietpi , Ropieee and LMS and many others. It’s not an official product and It offers nothing like what Roon would need and I am sure it not legal to use it in commercial software.

I guess that’s a poor examples… but Volumio is integrated in commercial products and Spotify could easily block access to 3rd party players if they wanted to. I work for a streaming provider and we do it when needed using player signature.

A better example would be BlueOS:

Bluesound is Spotify connect only and it’s licensed to use it, it has no access to your library.other than through Spotifies own app, like many other devices out there, I have one so know this. Spotify connect is a device level application to allow the Spotify app to play music on a licensed Spotify device, it’s not a server based application so serves no purpose for Roon at all and most devices support it so negates the issue of it being in Roon as Roon can’t control it.

They can get away with bundling Volumio as it’s not their own code, but I imagine they are skating on thin ice using it in a commercial product but being from Hong Kong maybe copyright laws are different. One thing though not being official, what happens when Spotify change their API making it redundant. They have done this once already when they switched to the connect model, so I can easily see them going it again.

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This is a very interesting debate. I am a technologist and, though a neophyte in the world of streaming audio, I am getting back into the hobby of being an audiophile and think it’s fascinating to see the standards war happening with all these streaming services. I just purchased some fantastic Talon Audio bookshelf speakers and a Peachtree Nova 150 integrated amp to drive them. I want to go head-first into streaming audio and use both Roon and Spotify on this new system. So, here is my current plan after reading this discussion:

  1. I bought a Denon HEOS Link device for being able to stream Spotify to the Nova and plan to connect it using the Toslink optical connection.
  2. I will purchase a Roon-Ready Streamer/DAC to feed Roon into the Nova (any suggestions would be helpful).
  3. I am currently just testing Roon on my Macbook Pro. I want to run Roon on a dedicated music server and I am strongly leaning towards using a NUC over the Nucleus.

Does anyone know of a single streamer device that can handle both the Spotify and Tidal/Roon? Would that be possible on a Bluesound Node 2i? Would I need something more upscale, such as an NAD M10 or Naim Unity Atom? Any thoughts on getting Spotify and Roon to both run easily side by side are greatly appreciated.


The Node 2i is exactly what you should get.

In fact Peachtree now has a deal with Bluesound after giving up on their own WiFi module:

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All of the devices you mentioned support both Roon AND Spotify.

  • NAD M10 offers Dirac if you are into room correction
  • NAD & Node 2i support MQA if you ar einto it (Unity Atom no)
  • Unity Atom Digitally process all signals if you are an analog only, even if you feed it an analog signal through RCAs, it will process it, but the consus is that it still sounds good as an all-in-one (i don’t have one, i’m just quoting the reviews i have seen
  • NAD M10 & Unity Atom have internal amplification, but since you have a Nova150 already you might wanna reduce cost or buy a dedicated higher end Streamer/DAC only
  • Other stuff to consider : Mytek Brooklyn Bridge / Auralic Aries series / Lumin Streamers / …

Thank you - good to know.

I am also building a NUC - anyone try it with Windows 10 yet, or only ROCK?

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Yeah I built a couple fanless NUC’s - running Win10, ROCK and Ubuntu Server at different points.

What were you wanting to know?

The best Roon experience is easily Roon OS (ROCK in this case or Nucleus).

Depends if you need the box to do other things or you’re happy with it being 100% a Roon box.

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Thanks - I am happy with it being a 100% Roon Box. I just bought a Intel® NUC Kit NUC7i7BNH. It will be shipped to me by Friday. I need to know what other components to buy that would be best for running Roon Rock…namely, SSD and RAM.

If you have a more modern recipe, that would be greatly appreciated. The last post I saw was from 2017 on this and is here…

I am guessing there are more modern equivalents, but I got a great price on the NUC (only $375).

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Good buy. That should keep you Roon happy for a few years.

Check here, they have Amazon links halfway down, as well as other things to note:

You can buy equivalent spec’ed stuff elsewhere of course.

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The Cambridge Audio CXN v2 supports Roon now and the Stream Magic app supports Spotify

Not all in one app but better than nothing