New Device - not synching with Tidal and Qobuz


I have a customer who just installed a Rockna Wavedream NET. We successfully setup the server. He selected the core and has had no trouble logging into Roon and under services has logged into Tidal and Qobuz without issue. Tidal does not appear to be synching. Qobuz says it is synching but the time is wildly wrong. It is saying that the last synch was 7 hours ago.

When he goes to search for music in Roon, nothing from Tidal or Qobuz are coming up. When he clicks on a playlist or genre, it says unavailable/unauthorized which makes no sense since he is logged in and both accounts are active.

He was using an Antipodes server prior without issue. I don’t know what modem he is using. We did update Roon software on the server earlier today. He has the latest version on his apple laptop and we did a fresh download from a phone or the Roon app and had the same issue.

He can access Tidal just fine through the Tidal app.

Please let me know what I can do to help troubleshoot with him. I am wondering if it is just something that is going to take a few hours to complete initial synchronization and will resolve itself tomorrow or if the change to a new server might be creating a port issue or something of that sort on his modem and/or router.

Thanks in advance.

How many tracks total between Tidal, Qobuz and local library in total?

When Roon first performs a library analysis it can take some time depending on number of total tracks and the settings for the analysis in Roon setup under the library tab.

Tidal and Qobuz are massive. Those are enormous libraries. Millions of tracks.

He has no local files.

No I did not mean the total tracks in Tidal and Qobuz.
I meant how many in THEIR library, so how many added to Roon as library material.

Example, my library is about 75,000 tracks with maybe 35,000 being Qobuz.

But Roon still analyze all 75,000 at a fresh build.

Not sure how many. It could be significant. He is technically moderately savvy but that is a tough one to guess. This is one of those things that could resolve itself with a little time it sounds like.

If a significant amount then yes it needs time to work through them.
One thing worth checking is the analysis setup in the library tab, see how fast it is set for.
If set for “throttled” for example it will take even longer!
See screenshot.

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I have suggested he increases the speed if it is not fast already. Will follow up tomorrow but this seems likely to be the issue. I had the same issue when I setup mine.

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He has adjusted speed (it was throttled) and hopefully it will be complete this morning. Once complete, we are assuming search will begin working. He currently is getting no search results and nothing is playing in Tidal or Qobuz.

Worked perfectly this morning. Evidently it was just time to Index. Thank you.

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Glad to hear that!
Thank you for the update and your customer can now enjoy the music!