New Display Capabilities Very Nice But

I just updated all my systems and tried out the Display capability casting to one of my NVIDIA Shield TV devices. Setup was very simple, the display looked nice on my 4K TV and the scrolling lyrics as I played Van Morrison’s Moondance seemed like a great feature.

But … I won’t be using either of my Shield TV devices as displays any time soon. The reason is simple. Both Shields are connected to AV receivers as are the endpoints ( Pi 3 B+ with Digi+ Pro and Chromecast Audio ) so if I want to hear the music I have to choose the endpoint input and if I want to see the display I have to choose the Shield input.

I suspect my setup is similar to the setup most people with a Shield use but I also realize that the number of Shield users is not that big. Still would be great to have a client for Android TV to use on the Shield.

Good Job on the Display feature even if I may not be able to use it with my current setup.


Hi Tim,

depending on your AV receiver, some will let you view a HDMI video input whilst listening to a separate audio input. My Arcam AV550 has this feature but you have to configure it in Settings.


I’m pretty sure both of my receivers ( Denon and Sony ) will let me do that but it would be a giant pain in the behind to have to edit the setup every time I switched from listening to music to watching video. Especially on the Denon which is an older model with a less than intuitive interface and a so so remote. I use the Shields for YouTube, YouTube TV, Plex, Amazon Video, Netflix and Vudu every day and I am hoping to cut the cord on my Comcast service this week.

I have been pondering if I could create multiple configurations for the same HDMI input with different audio settings but I don’t think I can. I’m 99+% certain the Denon won’t allow it and about 90% certain the Sony won’t either but I’ll take a look later in the morning after I’ve gotten some sleep.

Thanks … Tim

Understood but if you have any type of ‘Harmony’ style IR home automation it may be possible to set up a ‘macro’ type routine to make this a one button operation?

Not for me. My inputs can have audio from different source but I also drive my stereo fronts from a different amp and feed it via pre outs from the amp so very handy this is.

I tried sending Display to a Android TAB expecting a Now Playing. To my dismay the cover art is tiny and some other alternating images are dominating (filling) the display. No configuration of what to display seems possible. I like this feature, but without a possibility to decide how I want it to look I will not use it.

Very nice but it didn’t take long for my 9 year old to use it as karaoke :scream:


I recently migrated to ROCK and now re-use my old Mac Mini server with big flatscreen for Web Display in full-screen Safari.
Wow… really great experience so definately no “but” for me… :+1:t2:

Till today I thought that music is for listen not for display… :laughing:

Yes, but if you have a group of friends around they can all see what’s going on…

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Works fine using safari



That picture makes that guy look like a dork :smile:
He needs a new publicist…

just found out that the artist page and the web display have the exact same top layout so you can perfectly swipe between them (on MacOs)… very nice

For Tony or anyone else who remembers how this thread started out I did check out my new Sony STR-DN1080 receiver and as expected I cannot configure two different input settings for a single HDMI input.

I don’t use any “Harmony” style remotes so I’ll not go down that rabbit hole :sunglasses:

Back to just listening until I eventually break down and buy a Chromecast that I can connect directly to the TV to provide the display.


I was able to solve this issue by connecting the computer on which the Room core is resident directly to my Samsung display. When I start the activity (yes I am a Harmony sorta fan) I can then go to the display and change the video input to HDMI 2. My computer is in a closet behind the Denon receiver and Samsung display unit. With bluetooth mouse and keyboard I can control Roon on the computer/HDMI 2 display and do not need to open a tablet for Roon control.


Glad you were able to get things working the way you wanted.