New Expert Pro 'Streamer and OS board'

Well there is still a big difference between having a vision and finally product ready to use :wink:

Getting Devialet to state that RAAT is on their roadmap is HUGE. I’m fine if it takes them many months to get it done… Roon AIR is a fine solution until then.

In truth, many have already taken on this challenge successfully - take a look at the long list of Roon Ready products already on the market. It shouldn’t be rocket science for Devialet to implement RAAT. Now, getting them to prioritize it is another matter.

“Roon Advanced Audio Transport is already on our roadmap, we are looking into how we can speed it up.

I think that this is the important part - the speeding up. I would like them to approach the speed limit, or even break it :smile:.

Agreed! I’m glad they finally said something.

We’ve delivered them the SDKs a while ago and discussed it at length. They are ready to go, just need to sort out their Core Infinity issues. We are all looking forward to this being done.

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So now it’s not a case of ‘if’, but ‘when’ :+1:

LOL! Yeah but when :frowning:

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@danny Can you give us an update?

You know he can’t… :slight_smile:

Two most likely scenarios:

1 It’s essentially done but D just can’t get through QA because it’s higher than their usual standards. It will take a while but will be much more stable for it (probably the whole device even with air will be more stable). It should come by end year.

2 They’ve done everything including passed QA, but are holding out to launch it with some other new software/firmware (that will obviously be massively behind schedule). It should come 2019.

Just my thoughts.

FWIW I can’t wait for the day it arrives and it can’t cone soon enough!

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Devialet announcing something new on 10.10

They are giving me their top model on my Birthday?

I’ve no interest in their new products or PR nonsense. I wish they’d stop all the stupid apple style marketing - there’s no audience for it anyway - and spend the money on making things work properly.


Quite agree. Typical Devialet cr** Marketing - all very childish.


There is at least a statement by Devialet management team member that RAAT to be delivered this year.
But sad to see that till High End Munich no single update to Expert line has been delivered. Even not a new remote app, which they did for Phantom products.


The Devialet Munich High End ‘Event’ was by invitation only to those via Devialetchat. It wasn’t an open invitation by Devialet to all Expert owners.

Not having a go at Devialetchat as the guys/gals on there did their best to pass the word out, but just like Devialet past/present communication regarding Expert range is virtually non-existent to those in the wider community.

So much for the new CEO coming onboard and his promised “open communication” - open to who???

PS noticed my comment on Julien Bergere’s Phantom Reactor post regarding lack of updates on non-Pro/CI Expert range has ‘disappeared’. Seems like any negative comments put into the public domain may being deleted.

I mostly like Devialet products but I mostly stay out of Devialet discussions, because the Devialet user community is so damn whiny. I don’t know why it is, but it’s the way it has been for as long as I’ve been around. I bought my Devialet 170 back in the day.

Sure the streaming could have been better to begin with and I don’t find the “Air” kinda streaming to be my kinda thing (except now with roon). But it is what it is and I don’t see why there is so much need to whine about things. A lot of advancements have been made and still… whining. 170 got 30 extra watts with software update. For some reason people needed to whine about that. The phonostage got noticeably better, whining. There was new hardware and old users were allowed to upgrade to the new model with little effort and some money, instead of having to buy a new product -> so much whining.

And now all the cry about Devialet releasing a new product when there hasn’t been a software update for the old model in three months(!). I mean how often should you have to download and flash a new firmware? Sure RAAT would be nice, but Air works for now. Configuration on the device with web browser would be great instead of playing with memory cards, but I rarely change the configuration so not a biggie.

Actually Devialet + Roon really meets all the expectations I had for Devialet (and more). Sure it would have been nice if I didn’t need Roon, but honestly this is better. I like Roon and I’d rather use Roon than some vendor specific solution. YMMV of course.


A lot of ‘pot calling the kettle black’ going on there :upside_down_face:

Fair do’s to you Janne, your comments/feelings are as valid as everyone else’s :+1:

wow!! :open_mouth: Did you try on LinkedIn - there two official management people at least replied.

The links won’t open for people not registered, can you summarize them?

Thanks to Roon implementing AIR, things currently work fine, but full RAAT would be the icing, and it’s been promised for a while. Hopefully before Christmas…

RAAT should be available this year and they say that an e-mail will be sent to customers informing them. Still leaving open what customers - and what they are going to inform them about :smiley: