New favorite album from Tidal won't show up in Roon [Answered]

I searched for a new album (“I’ve been” by “Laila” - ) in Roon. It didn’t show up, so I had to add it to my favorites directly in Tidal. This did not convince Roon to show it in the Albums section, and quite amazingly, not even in my Tidal favorites (as seen from Roon). I tried re-launching and erasing the cache - nothing.

I would have thought the blame must be on Tidal’s API’s but the album shows fine in Audirvana…

I’ve just paid yesterday $120 for Roon, and really, it is quite disappointing that a consumer music listening software with this kind of price tag should have bugs like this, in the very basic functionality.


I believe that album was released today, give it a day re-check.

It normally takes a day or so for the metadata for new releases to filter down from the Tidal servers and be ingested into the Roon servers.

Thanks Carl.

However I think it is a reasonable expectation that anything currently in Tidal be accessible from Roon… I would claim even more - the search experience from Roon should be at least as good as the search experience from the Tidal app.

I think the problem comes from the single-search approach. If I may suggest, Roon could have two kinds of search - Library search and Tidal search. Library search would include all your local albums plus Tidal albums you’ve added, and would be similar to what exists now. Tidal search would invoke Tidal API’s and show the live situation. New albums could be played without extra metadata collected by Roon…

iTunes distinguishes between search in your library and search in Apple Music, and it’s very clear and intuitive.

It’s an interesting idea, you should put in feature request section of the forum, to gage interest.

Not exactly what you’re looking for (not sure if that’s feasible at this time), but the focus settings described in the following will return results (in a TIDAL tab) for Tidal content that you haven’t added to your library:

(You’ll perhaps want to leave out the bit where you start with “Composers,” but the general “not TIDAL library” approach should be useful.)