New Feature: DLNA Player [not on roadmap]

Hallo Roon Team

Ich schildere hier kein Problem, sondern einen Wunsch für ein nächstes Update.

Es wäre toll, wenn mit Roon alle (DLNA) Medien im Netzwerk gespielt werden könnten, ohne dass diese in Roon importiert werden müssen. Ich denke hier an Audiobooks und Podcasts, welche in eine Musiksammlung definitiv nur stören.
Es macht keine Freude, wenn in der RADIO Funktion plötzlich Traks aus Hörbüchern gespielt werden…
Die Methode mit den manuell hinzugefügten Tags funktioniert zwar, ist aber bei über 20’000 Files nicht zu bewältigen.

Die Funktion DLNA MEDIEN wäre am besten unterhalb der Funktion INTERNETRADIO zu integrieren. Ein simpler Player (wie z.B. Twonky Media) würde völlig reichen.

Ich freue mich auf eine Rückmeldung


Google Translation…

Hello Roon Team I do not describe a problem here, but a wish for a next update.

It would be great if Roon could play all (DLNA) media on the network without having to import it into Roon. I’m thinking of audiobooks and podcasts, which definitely only bother me in a music collection.

It does not take pleasure when in the RADIO function suddenly Tracks are played from audiobooks … Although the method with the manually added tags works, it can not be handled with over 20,000 files.

The function DLNA MEDIA would be best to integrate below the function INTERNET RADIO. A simple player (such as Twonky Media) would be enough.

I am looking forward to a reply,

Ik geloof dat de voertaal op dit Forum Engels is.


I believe that the official language on this Forum is English.

Sorry but this wont ever happen. Roon does not nor will support DNLA. There are plenty of threads already discussing this and to why the Company does not see DNLA as a viable feature.

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So me suggesting UPnP Server functionality as a joke in another thread wasn’t even that far off.

Yes DLNA will never happen. But I think that is a red herring as a suggestion here - if Google translate did me right, I think this could be solved by having RAAT be a sound device in the OS, without needing DLNA for anything.

Accurate reflection of the original intent not guaranteed.

DNLA isn’t good, but Chromecast is?

Not sure of the benefit for Chromecast vs DNLA except for the added little PR boost from the “Chromecast” name.

As a matter of fact, since Chromecast “Audio” is dead, what exactly does Roon want to support in the future for Chromecast? The video players? But then Roon said no to Videos within Tidal too, so I guess that won’t work either. Seems to me like their business plan needs a bit of work and direction.

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That’s right. Google apparently provided the right protocol support to enable Roon to do something very like RAAT with Chromecast, including client-side clocking. DNLA does not provide such an affordance.

How about Squeezelite then? Any client-side clocking going on?

And I wonder how long this support for a ‘discontinued’ product will continue?

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Wow, 229,- euro for a standard raspi (35,-) in a metal box (20,-)
That’s 174,- for a small piece of software. Would you ever pay that for the software alone fr your existing Raspi? No, didn’t think so, but it is excactly that what you are buying with this ‘piece of hardware’

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Yeah, that’s a good question. Presumably the client-side Chromecast software will continue to evolve, as bug fixes and new capabilities land, but will the Chromecast Audio firmware ever be updated? Seems unlikely.

EDIT: Remember that it’s only that specific hardware piece, the Chromecast Audio, that’s discontinued. All these other speakers with “Chromecast built-in” will continue to serve as Roon Chromecast endpoints.

That still doesn’t answer the question concerning the ‘logic’ behind selecting CC which offers some sort of client-side clocking -and- Squeezelite which does not.

Methinks there is a bit of inconsistency here…

Just because the dongle is dead the transport is not. Tons of devices support ChromeCast as transport these days including their own speakers. It’s not going anywhere just yet.

Good point, and neither is the Squeezelite client -or- DLNA for that matter. So we have a ‘claim’ that Chromecast allows client-side clocking…can anyone prove this? Surely Squeezelite does not, so the question still remains why not support DLNA?

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Chromecast also gives us now playing on large display while audio plays through Roon endpoint.

Because there are many iterations of DLNA. In ChromeCast or the SlimProto (Squeezebox/Squeezelite) there is only one version.
Which version of DLNA should Roon support? How should Roon deal with all the devices that ‘should’ work, but won’t?

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There is a “Specific” DLNA protocol for audio, as DLNA is used for many types of applications. Knowing which one to use is simple, use the one for audio…just like everyone else does.

Fact is, Roon should be aiming to stream to everything, not just DSD and audiophile capable devices. Want to stay a small niche product then think small and do small things for small audiences.

I’m not sure it is a fact, it’s an opinion surely?