New firmware Matrix mini-i Pro3

Hi I just updated to firmware version C713B8, all went fine.
No idea what the changes is this release are.
This info will be soon in the Matrix Audio Community I guess…

Cheers John


That’s the firmware I’m running since I got my mini-i Pro 3 this Saturday so no idea what changes they did from previous firmwares.

This is new firmware my unit came with the Roon updated firmware and I updated this morning after seeing this thread post.
What’s new:

Fixed the issue of intermittent noise occurs when playback Native DSD audio through USB Audio port.

Added characters & ^ ~ ` and | to the input keyboard of Wi-Fi password.

Fixed several bugs that may cause the device to freeze.

Fixed the issue that sometimes the volume cannot be adjusted.

Other UI issues were fixed.


Thanks Ray!

When I got my Mini-i Pro 3 last week, it automatically updated to the new firmware so I had no idea what changes were implemented. I also noticed that it won’t go to standby even that I set the Auto-Standby to 5 mins. I thought it was because I had it enabled in Roon and set in NEVER. Then changed it to 5 mins in Roon and effectively it goes to sleep 5 mins after I stop the music in Roon. I also said that Auto-Brightness wasn’t working but that was not a big deal for me. Well, somebody just posted in ASR Forum that Auto-Brightness and Auto-Standby are not working anymore after the latest firmware. So looks like I was right when I noticed those two issues. Also the settings menu it won’t go to playback after certain time like it used to go before. Now you have to press EXIT or hit the settings menu button again to leave settings menu UI. If you guys can check on these, that would be great. Just make sure you disable the mini-i Pro 3 from Roon then set the Auto-Standby to 5mins to see if it’s working.

So, will be better to check if that issues will be solved.
Anyways, I don’t have any problems with my older firmware version.

Matrix Audio publicly acknowledged that there is a bug in the latest firmware that is causing Auto-Brightness and Auto-Standby to function properly. The fix is coming in the next firmware update.


Just updated to the new firmware released today, C813B8 on my Matrix mini-i Pro 3 and all the bugs we reported last month have been fixed. Auto dimming, auto standby and auto back to home from menu are fulling working now.


Thanks Enrico, you provide more recent information as we find on Matrix Audio’s website :green_heart:

Screenshot 2021-05-21 at 14.27.56