New Hegel Firmware - April 2023

I didn’t see any discussions on the latest firmware, pretty impressed with the TV remote feature

Released April 10, 2023

  • TV remote feature implemented
  • Startup volume and Max volume control menu selection added
  • Force update menu selection added
  • New update structure
  • General improvements (minor bugfixes)

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Thanks for the heads up - will update my H390 later.

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Which does what?

After updating my H390, it recognised my TV remote and I can now control the Amp volume with my TV remote.

Also, when it’s in standby and I press the volume buttons on my TV remote the H390 turns on.

Very impressed, it was very seamless - I didn’t really touch my Hegel remote yesterday at all

TV remote feature sounds really useful.
I tried the TV remote feature with my sony x9500H TV.
H390 can recognize my remote, but can not turn on my TV with volume buttons.
Anyone here have same problem?

I still need to turn my tv on normally but the Hegel turns on when I press the volume buttons on my TV remote - I basically never need to use my Hegel remote when watching TV.

The odd time I need to press the volume twice but that’s rare.

Thanks for sharing

I have tried again, but volume button can not wake up my TV, maybe something relate to my tv remote.
My Sony TV is Taiwan version, maybe the IR code is different.

I will wait for next firmware update to see if the problem can be resolved