New Integrated Amp H600

What is your experience using Roon with a Hegel integrated?

The recently launched H600 is going through the Roon certification process.
It ticks all the boxes to replace my 15 year old McIntosh MA7000.

I hope to audition the H600 soon at a local reseller.

All feedback welcome.


I have the H120. Roon integration is superb. H600 is not Roon Ready yet, but I guess it shouldn’t take too long now that all Hegel’s integrated amps are certified. It took them a long time to do it when they started but in the end it was a job well done. I’d probably wait until the H600 is Roon Ready.

My experience with the H590 is that the Roon integration is absolutely seamless.

You can even use the Roon App to control the volume of the 590 if you are not actually listening with Roon, but use a different input.

The H600 appears to be very similar to the H590 except for the DAC, where Hegel had to undertake a redesign to replace the AKM chip (its manufacturing plant having burned down in 2020). Of course the marketing department hails the redesign to be superior. :wink:

Very interesting … The h600 is still not Roon Ready from what I can see.

I like the idea of having 1 box and able to have full control via 1 app (Roon).

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Absolutely. My system consisted of countless components over the years. Now it’s only the H590 plus the Roon server - perfectly simple setup.

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What speakers do you have?

Dynaudio Confidence 20. And T+A TCD 610 W SE subwoofer for the very low end punch.

How do you connect the sub to the h600?
I had a subwoofer (JL Audio), but got rid of it.

Simply by line out.

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H600 still not Roon Ready!!

Does anyone have any info?

My H390 is Roon Ready, and the integration works seamlessly. It does not, however, sound nearly as good as playing through my Lumin T2. The DAC module in the H390 is fine, but not of the calibre of that in the T2. Maybe the H600’s will be an improvement.

An H600 is the cost of an H390 and a Lumin T3.

Thank you … that is an interesting proposal!

I’m aiming at reducing the number of boxes. Now I have streamer, DAC and integrated amp.
I’m looking for 1 box does it all set up where I can manage all controls from Roon (volume, etc)

That’s what I did with the H120 and it does it very well. Excellent Roon implementation

I think as a one-box solution it is hard to beat and, if I had to, I would be very happy to live with it. But there are always compromises. For me, Hegel has always been about the outstanding quality of the amplification, which is up there with the very best - I’ve had a H190 and H390 and the DACs have been serviceable, but they really shine with a high quality analog feed.

I don’t know about other countries, but in Germany you can find a H590 for less than 7k € at the moment. That’s 4k € cheaper than the H600.

H590 and H600 obviously share the same amplification section and have a different DAC section. Taking into account that the DAC “upgrade” from AKM to ESS was forced by chip obsolescence and not a completely free design choice (unlike the H590) I don’t expect the H600 to be far superior.

And the H590 is Roon ready.

Yep, hear what you are saying … then again I have my current amp for 16 years.
If I go 16y with the next one, I don’t mind paying more and getting the latest.

I see your point of course, the H600 would be the no compromise solution and I’m usually the first to advocate such a view. There’s not always room in life for half way.

However I looked it up just for fun and you can get the H590 for 6.699 € vs. 11.495 € for the H600 (both from the same store where I got mine).

If you invest the difference wisely, your next amp in another 16 years is already paid. I for one will probably be half deaf and in my early seventies by then. :wink:

Yup, good points!
So one thing I read about the “older” Hegel amps is that most of them have a humm
This is supposed to be fixed in the newer models.
Since my current amp always suffered from humm I’m keen on getting rid of that … :slight_smile:

That sounds like DC offset, which Hegel amps have always been rather susceptible to. I’d be interested to know if they really have tackled this - if not, there’s various links searchable on the forum to products that will fix this. I use a Puritan Audio PSM136 with my H360 but there’s plenty of cheaper optons. I have to say, a half price H590 is quite tempting (I bought my H360 discontinued when the H390 came out).

No hum whatsoever on my H390.