New Internal Storage Folder Question

I just installed a new SSD in my NUC to utilize the internal storage feature. I had 3 existing folders to copy over, Music, Music Hires and Music Vinyl that total approximately 15,000 tracks. I have copied those folders over to the internal storage folder and verified the same number of tracks in each new sub-folder. When I enabled the Internal Storage folder in ROON, it only loads/shows approximately 13,000 tracks. Does this internal storage location not work properly with sib-folders or is there something else I am not aware of? Thanks in advance!

does anything show up in settings > library > skipped files?

Good question, I did not even think about that! I will look when I get home later today. Would you have an example of why a previously functional file or files might now show up as “skipped”?

not sure, but review this info:’t_showing_up_in_Roon

All of my files have been loaded into ROON at least 3 times now with none of these listed issues present so I have to be skeptical that this is the problem. I will check anyway because you can almost never be sure of anything when it comes to these things. Is it even possible to add the individual folders in lieu of the single default folder?

To simplify my question further, can Internal Storage look like this:

Folder A
Folder B
Folder C

Or, must it look like this:


What does Settings —> Storage look like?

At this time, it just shows ROCK Internal Storage. Per the instructions, I had disabled my previous “watched folders”, shut ROON down, copied my files to the InternalStorage folder, then restarted ROON. Then I enabled the new internal storage location. After not seeing a large number of tracks, I then deleted the previous “watched folders” to see if that was a conflict even though they were disabled. I forced several rescans with no change just to make sure.

It seems like you would want 3 watched folders, using your example -


I will attempt to set this up again when I get home. I tried to Edit the original watched folders to change the locations but could not “browse” to the internal folder location from the Settings>Storage page? I could only browse my external locations.

Hmm, I don’t have internal storage on my ROCK machine, just a USB drive. So I can’t experiment, but if this were on a NAS, for example, that’s how I would set it up.

Does the count of files you get correspond in any way to the number of files in your different folders?


The number of files from my NAS is the exact same number shown in the InternalStorage location. I expected ROON to locate all of those files as it had done from my NAS but it came back with only 85% of the actual total, very strange. That is why I asked about how folders/sub-folders could be handled differently under internal storage.

This is all I could find about ROCK internal storage -
Not much help, but the @support pros will have an answer when they can get to you.

Hi @Gary_Waul,

Can you please share a screenshot of your Roon Settings -> Storage Tab? You can use these instructions to upload screenshots to Community.

I would take a look at the number of tracks imported there and verify if that count matches your collection count. The folder structure shouldn’t matter as Roon scans all files in the watched folder, however if you have different versions of the same albums then that might be causing the discrepancy here.

Another thought here, have you made sure to format your internal hard drive using the ROCK WebUI prior to first use?


You can not change what Roon does when you use drag/drop on to Roon for Windows/Mac app.

However, it can look like whatever you want if you want to put the files there manually over SMB – just help it out a bit by clumping the albums into their own directories.

Thanks for everyone’s help!