New keyboard shortcut (to force re-scan): Ctrl-N

Please add a new keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-N (?)
To scan ALL folders for new and deleted music.
If you use a NAS is not as fast or not at all.
I want to play my new music and the road to the scanning department is (too) long each time.
5 Or more clicks if you have multiple locations where the music is.

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This shouldn’t be necessary. Since 1.3 adding new music to watched folders has been immediate and flawless for me.
Perhaps we can help troubleshoot:

  1. What NAS are you using?
  2. Are you running Roon Core directly on the NAS or on a different computer?
  3. Depending on the answer to 2, what is your watched folder network/local path structure, e.g. and’m_having_trouble_setting_up_my_NAS for networked Core, or local paths for Core directly on the NAS.

When I have my music and the Roon Core on the same PC or SonicTransporter, the music appears in 5 sec. On the my QNAP NAS with 3 SSD’s only after a scan.
Now I have the Roon core on a Sonic Transporter server, the music on my nas
Also in 5 sec when adding a Harddisk direct to the SonicTransporter

Do you have SMB3.0 enabled on your QNAP? It isn’t by default.

Go to Control Panel > Win/Mac/NFS (under Network Services) > Advanced Options

Then you should see the box above. Select SMB3.0 as the highest SMB version.

And let’s ask @support for some input.

This problem is well known to Roon.
I have talked about this also with Small Green Computer and he agreed that this is a problem.
Your adjustment was carried out but that does not fixed it.

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My music is on a Synology NAS with SMB 3 enabled. I also have to scan manually.

Oddly only one of the SMB shares seems to actually be watched live but messes up and stops after a couple track every time and a partial album shows up with partial tracks and no album art. This is my largest share with at least 150,000 files. Forcing a manual scan after all new tracks have been copied on fixes the issue.

If I copy music into any of the 3 other SMB shares nothing happens at all automatically.

My core is on a 2012 R2 server. All 4 of the SMB shares were added with UNC path. Only unique config is I have disabled cifs 1 support on it, I’m a minimalist.

When I used iSCSI it was instantaneous.

I have it stuck in my head that this a common issue when using a Synology NAS, but I’d have to go digging to find a proper reference.

I can say that with multiple linux-based cores mounting shares from Synology none of them automatically find new music. This in itself isn’t a big issue since I typically add files in batches, but it is a drag to go digging for the rescan option. This is also the single-biggest question that I get from my customers running Roon… “I know you showed me this, but I forgot. How to I get Roon to re-scan?”

I’ve started adding music by dragging the files into the Roon Remote window on a PC or MAC. This works great, but I do lose the ability to curate the directory structure. For me this isn’t an issue anymore, but for a lot of people they like their folders to be a certain way.

I’m all for elevating the forced rescan function to a higher level in the UI. @mike, it might be worth re-titling this thread to make the real subject a little more obvious. It would likely generate more feedback that way.

Alt -F4 (CMD -Q) and a restart will force a rescan :slight_smile:

There’s no shortcut for force rescan unfortunately.

Only works if you’re running Roon as your core and remote (windows and mac). Doesn’t work for a headless core (RoonServer on any platform).

yeah true… I had the exact same problem with a WD my cloud…went to roonserver on NUC with usb attached hd to finally solve it.

A force rescan button or shortcut should be added so that this can be triggered quickly.
I suggested this already in dec '15 but this never materialized …I went for usb attached storage as a result

Not much help to @Roony… sorry

Only the Roon team can do something about this…I hope.

If one gets added, it would be great of it refreshed Tidal too. I only use the iPad so would prefer a button somewhere, rather than a keyboard shortcut personally.

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@mike, would you consider in an upcoming release how to force a rescan with fewer clicks? This problem hit home again to me with the pleasant deluge of new recordings over the holiday, especially when updating tags or correcting tags. Possible solutions:

  • Customizable keyboard combination for any settings option
  • New “command” menu (like bookmarks) with favourite commands (and/or most recent)
  • New left menu item “Force rescan all” (maybe addd via an option control)

Thanks. I would appreciate less friction when adding content. (Yes, I have a Synology NAS.)