New KKBOX Integration while in USA

Given this was just released, I am not sure if many people have tried, BUT,

KKBox seems to be region locked, but I do use VPN services and through that I could easily sign up for an account, does any one know if I make an account “overseas” if I can then integrate it to my USA based Roon server?

I still subscribe to Spotify (in addition to Qobuz) due to the lack of SEA/etc songs and this would be a great addition to Roon which would allow me to integrate all my listening in to it.

Possibly there is a plugin that allows roon connections to be routed through a proxy/vpn? (I can do system wide vpn but I try to keep non-critical connections such as videogames off of the vpn for reliability.

I am sure a way to check this is just to download the kkbox application and see if I can run it, but perhaps the roon integration bypasses something?


Roon integration bypasses nothing. You will need the appropriate regional account as dictated by KKBOX terms and agreements.

As far as I understand, Roon enforces regional restrictions based upon the streaming services account location, not current endpoint location. So, if I had a UK Qobuz account, even if my RoonServer was in the USA, I’d only see what was available to a UK Qobuz account.

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Thank you for the information on how something like this works!

I have a KKBox Taiwan signed up account and it is working with my USA synology core now. Exciting! Thank you Roon!

Actually was just able to do this my self. Seemed I needed to make a SEA based email address but I have kkbox working on Roon. Cool!

@Tony_Lee right now I see a reduced streaming quality (on a free account). I assume once I pay for a subscription Roon will recognize that and be able to pull the higher quality file?


I’m just trailing it, to see if it worked.

I didn’t even know a free KKBOX account would work (because free Tidal account does not) - if someone else tried it, please report.

I tested with a paid KKBOX Lossless account, Hi-Res 24/192 playback is normal. (I do not need to use VPN though.)

I can confirm that KKBOX will work with Roon even you’re not reside in the region of the account. I’ve been using the lossless tier for Singapore region and Roon let me stream in the quality I set in the settings. It cost about $11.78 USD/mo.

Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 7.00.08 PM

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