New Liberty DAC in the house!

Thanks @Dick_Vliek. I was on their website earlier today when I was checking I had the latest firmware on the DAC but thanks for pointing it out. I have enjoyed some limited listening and looking forward to getting a bit more involved with it!

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The manual fails to mention a few things, as expected since it was published a while ago and there has been new firmware since.

Ordered mine 2 days ago together with SoTM sms-200 and Intel NUC for Roon Rock… excited :slight_smile:

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You should be excited. This is the best dac I have owned or heard. I have about 1000 hours on it and have no complaints. Outstanding dac for the money


It is a phenomenal bargain. I’ve compared to my Brooklyn and OPPO 205. They are all ESS based.

I am still running in, probably less than 100 hours and I am enjoying it. I have an Sbooster on order, and I am excited to hear if it makes any difference.

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I was about to play around with the DSP settings in Roon and I noticed the max sampling is 96khz (it should be 384). I am not sure why. I have restarted my USbridge, the dac and the core but still reading the same. I have tried putting the device back to default. It will not play dsd either. Somethings not right.

Anyone any ideas?

What happens when you “Load Defaults?”

You should be able to override the settings. You will not be able to do “Native DSD” if you are connected via USB on either OS X or Windows without an ASIO driver. You should use “DSD over PCM (DoP).”

Have you updated the Liberty to the latest firmware? Try resetting to defaults in the Mytek Control Panel as well.

Hi @Chris_Kimmelshue,

The DAC is generally not connected to a windows pc, except for firmware upgrades etc. I will check I have the latest in a bit and report back. It is generally used connected to an ALLO USbridge via usb.

When I hit ‘load defaults’ it does not seem to change much, the only thing I have to set are ‘fixed volume’ and the MQA settings.

So my Liberty DAC arrived yesterday together with SoTM SMS-200 Neo. Wow, I can finally stop buying vinyl and CDs. Now relistening to all my music collection and buying more hi-res music. What a joy!

If you are using DietPi, can you ensure your sampling rate and depth are set to match the Liberty? Also, you can use Native DSD with your bridge.

Hi @Chris_Kimmelshue. I updated the Allo USBridge today as there was a update available. Whatever it did, I seem to be able to set the DSP settings upto 384khz now, which is an improvement. I also set the Liberty to 'DSD over PCM (DoP)". I can play DSD now, but only up to 128. There is also no ‘native’ DSD setting in the Device Setup, DSD Playback strategy. I assume this maybe a limitation of not using the DAC with windows or OS X although I am not sure on this point.

That is great news.

I’m reading that your Allo bridge is capable of native DSD. There may be a setting to tweak.

Famous last words!! I just tried a different soundcard output on the USBridge as was suggested over on the USBridge thread. It didn’t change much so I switched back and I am back where I started unfortunately e.g. not being able to upsample past 96khz. I have tried turned off the Core, DAC and USBridge and then back on in the reverse order but that doesn’t solve it. I will have another play now…

Humor me and connect directly to a computer to rule out issues with the Allo.

I will, but probably tomorrow now. It’s working again and I am 99% sure it’s the USBridge.

Anyway, what originally started me off: does anyone use the DSP capability in Roon with their liberty? I have been having a little play, although I think I am coming down on the side of leaving things alone, just…what do others think?

Anyone with Mytek Liberty and SBooster LPS tried 13.2V setting? is it safe?

Hey, for you folks using the Liberty DAC as a preamp, how do you handle power switching without a remote? Leave it on all the time? Does it have a stand-by mode that switches it off when nothing is coming in?

I leave mine on 24/7 with no ill effect. It does not have a passive stand-by mode that I am aware of.

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I never turn anything off in my audio setup

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