New Live Radio station requests

Live radio is a wonderful addition to Roon. However I miss almost all Canadian public radio stations (especially French Language radios). Is there any way to add these to the listings?? (I know I can manualy add streaming links).


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Hi @Philippe_Dancause,

The directory is hand-curated by the Roon community, so if there are any stations you think should be added, feel free to drop a line to the @Radio_Curators with the details — They’ll be able to help and get stations added.

Any information you can provide, along with streaming URLs, would be a great help as well.


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Please add 95bfm from Auckland New Zealand.

FLAC stream -

I was thinking we should add a whole list of Auckland / New Zealand ones to be honest - I have a few already, I wonder if we can just send a spreadsheet or something. Apparently Auckland has an unimaginably high number for the population - perhaps that’s something that will add some variety.

Also, are we allowed to submit these kinds of links (Tunein) or do we need the direct radio station link?,aac

it is best to find the pls/m3u from the station itself… radiotime is tunein’s domain… and they an aggregator just like us.

straight stream urls like (that’s your stream from above) can change and the pls/m3u are made to fix that.

Great - So I’m thinking if I make a spreadsheet include station name, Country, City, Official URL, TuneIn URL (if the former is not available), Web site. Anything else, or anything that is not needed?

we have a bit more…

That’s very comprehensive thanks. Does Lat/Long need to be entered via an address and into google to find it or something?

that is a fine way to do it. i use google maps

Please add @Radio_Curators

Dutch alternative radio station

@Radio_Curators Please add IndieXL
Dutch 24/7 radiostation for popular music
Genre Indie.
Location: Amsterdam - The Netherlands
Ad Free

@Radio_Curators Please add Dandelion Radio,aac
Genre: Alternative rock
Location: London - England
Ad Free


We could tell you how a bunch of volunteers felt inspired by the legacy of the late and much-missed BBC Radio DJ John Peel to create our own Internet radio station, named after Dandelion Records, the label Peel ran from 1969-1973. We could tell you that we’re bored with automated and formatted radio, and yearn for the days when DJs made it up as they went along, like we do. Or that we want to serve the needs of the people who create and distribute new and interesting music and provide a unique listening experience, with the spirit of Peel running through all we do. We could also tell you about all the strange, challenging, new, old and different music we play. And the exclusive live recordings and sessions we regularly feature. Or about how we are the official new home of John Peel’s legendary Festive Fifty - a broadcasting institution since 1976.

@Radio_Curators please add “Radio Köln” (Cologne, Germany), especially the main “live” stream :slight_smile:

I previously used the TuneIn details to add this to my lib and it has worked great so far:

@Radio_Curators The listing for BBC Radio Wales Cymru is incorrect. There should be three different radio stations instead of the one listed:

  1. BBC Radio Wales (English language broadcast and is the one the current station listing points to).

  2. BBC Radio Cymru (Welsh language station unrelated to BBC Radio Wales, although broadcast from the same building in Cardiff, Wales). The stream for this station is

  3. BBC Radio Cymru 2 (Second station for BBC Radio Cymru, also broadcast through the medium of Welsh). The stream for this station is

Please add the latter two stations to your directory…


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Please add ByteFM am German radio staion an grimme price winner.
There webside is:

Streaming adress is:

Thank you!

Could you please add:

‘Baars Classic Rock’

Please add all four streams from Radio Paradise (

Also, is there a reason why the icons in My Live Radio have to be so enormous? I was hoping this would be fixed in 1.7 but it seems not. If only there was a list view (or a choice of icon size) it wouid be perfect. The icons are so large it is difficult to use on my iphone (SE) used as a roon remote…thanks!

also forgot to request addition of one of my most favorite stations…

here is the gulchradio url @96k bps: