New Lumin U2 Mini Review coming

I’m looking forward to Michael’s review.


Hope he tries it in RoonOnly


The review is up, if anyone cares.


Excellent review - although I expected no less from a new Lumin product.


Hi @wklie , is there a way to private message you with regards to Lumin U2 enquiry?


Hey @Dewald_Potgieter

Welcome to this community! The forum software blocks new(ish) accounts from sending private messages. I have upped your trust level a bit – you should now be able to contact Peter by clicking on his avatar en press the blue Message button.


Thanks René!

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I have the u2 mini and it’s stunning.
I use the chord qutest DAC and a bi-amped cyrus set up.
The mini is so easy to set up with roon. It took less than one minute.
Prior to the u2 I used the aurelic aries mini. The lightning ds software was so unstable.
SQ from the u2 is sublime. A big step up from the aries
I also find roon an absolute dream to use.
The lumin u2 mini is highly recommended.
Chord also make just about the best Dacs there are with their wonderful FPGA chipsets.
They are also highly recommended.


What power supply are you using with your Qutest?

The one it came with.
That’s what’s recommended by the designer.
Using a different one invalidates the warranty.
They believe that using a more specialised transformer degrades the sound.

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It actually cannot invalidate the warranty. If you provide 5V DC, at least 2A, you have complied with the device’s power requirements. Rob W has repeatedly interacted with users (on other forums) who were experimenting with battery bank power, and Rob has openly/publicly experimented with it himself. He, at no point, discouraged their use. In fact, his statements of the electrical requirements for the Qutest were clear and simplistic for several years. His only stance was that it should not make much difference.

I’ve used multiple upgraded power supplies and they make an enormous difference in my experience.

I currently use a Plixir Elite BDC and, when I evaluated against a floor model Hugo TT2 in my home, the Qutest was slightly better in every area. With the standard DC power cord. If you have ever demo’d a stock Qutest against the Hugo TT2, one may think this to be impossible, such is the performance gap between the two.

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Im absolutely fine with what I’ve got.

The designer is on record as stating using a linear supply will degrade the sound.
Personally I’ve never bought into snake oil like power cables and transformers making a difference.
And I have tried the russ Andrews stuff.
I’m content with what I’ve got. We live in the real world not the laboratory.
I won’t upgrade these things as I view them as the proverbial snake oil.
In my experience only analogue cables make a difference.
As for one thing being better than another then I couldn’t care less about that.
If you remember the wild west. There was always someone faster than the fastest gun.
I buy for myself. There’s always something better than what you have.
That’s how manufacturers make their money. They try and continually tempt.
Last they they want is for consumers to be content.
My hifi sounds sublime to me. That’s good enough for me. There aren’t snakes where I live so I don’t need snake oil either.
I also have a golden rule in forums.
I do not get involved in polemics. And think this debate is concluded for myself.
Have a good day

There is no debate. I have shared my first-hand experience with you. You, in turn, shared your opinion about my experience. You then included commentary on oils for snakes and other categorical statements.

I respect your views, but you don’t need to respect my experiences. :joy: I bid you good day, as well.

I very much love the U2 Mini and the further development @wklie is doing!
Definitely give the ROONONLY mode a try as it further improves SQ.

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