New Marantz M1 is a winner

Just got a new Marantz M1. Connection was a breeze and Roon immediately picked it up as an Airplay device. So far playback has been amazing. Not a hiccup. Sounds amazing, and fits right in with our other Roon-y zones!



Not Roon tested or Roon Ready I believe?

Looks really very good. Any new features over the older HEOS Amp?

I expect this will work nicely with RHEOS and allow pairing with other HEOS devices if you’re interested in testing the extension and exploring playing at higher resolutions than offered by Airplay and taking advantage of the Marantz DAC.

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I have one other Denon receiver and have played with HEOS a little bit. I have to admit that once I started with Roon I haven’t even opened HEOS except to install the new M1.

I guess I’ll have to study up on RHEOS and extensions.

Always something to learn!



Rheos allows to stream to Heos enabled devices with Roon and not be limited by Airplay so you get full resolution playback up to 192/24. I use it with my Model 40n all the time. Works great.


I’ll give it a go. Thank you!

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Same here. Cheers!


The news stories on this one suggest Roon Ready is on the way / in development.

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Has been for Denon/Maranatz heos products since December last year. Only time will tell when or if it finally arrives. Given Roons big backlog of devices I won’t hold my breath.


So took the plunge and just installed in the system my wife uses daily - mainly airplay but as expected RHEOS discovered and adopted - now 16 zones!


When I Connect M1 with AirPlay from Roon its full 100 volyme

It works good with HEOS and TIDAL AirPlay

What am I doning wrong ?

I set safe and comfort limits.

This thread might be of interest if your issue persists. Max volume at start - can't control volume from software [Ticket In] - #61 by Ulf_Silbersky