New Meridian 251 looks interesting

Roon / Soolos endpoint, DAC, pre-amp, 2 x 65W power, all in a suitably small and anonymous box that can be hidden out of sight. And £1,250, which was a pleasant surprise. Just add speakers (and a sub if you want, there is an output for that as well). Oh and it does MQA.

I’ll stop there - hopefully I’ve not misunderstood what this thing is / does (have I?)


looks like it’s meant to be pretty versatile; from a stand-alone integrated amp to a multi-room hub controller. I don’t see USB input but it does look pretty interesting.

So when it says Ethernet input for sooloos or ‘third party control interface’ that’s roon, eh?

It would appear so - the info I saw did specifically mention Roon.

It doesn’t matter to me, but I’m presuming the usual max 96Khz Soolos sampling rate applies to the network input, so Roon would downswmple anything bigger. That may matter to some people, I guess. Likewise a probable digital out limit of 24/96 like the 218?

Yes, in the sense that Roon can address Sooloos endpoints. The third-party control interface refers to things like Creston that can be used to control it.

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