New Motherboard Needed


before i turn to nuc rock i would first like to try my original system build with roon to see how i like it,the system is

Antec ISK600 ITX Case
Intel i7-6700K Skylake CPU
MSI Z170i Gaming Pro AC ITX Motherboard
16GB (2 x 8GB) Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 2400MHz DDR4
Corsair H75 AIO CPU cooler
Corsair CXM600 - 600W Semi Modular PSU
240GB Sandisk Extreme Pro SSD

i would like to use m.2 nvme ssd for the windows 10o/s and roon server to give the system a boost to cope with my 300,000 tracks not sure if the sandisk ssd is upto it.
i have a samsung m.2 nvme ssd which has the windows 10 o/s cloned from the sandisk.
the system is with a pc repair/setup shop guy here in the uk who hasnt dealt with m.2 before and is having trouble booting and seeing the nvme drive with my motherboard using a pcie adapter in the pcie slot as the motherboard as known heat issues with its m.2 slot.
he has tried the samsung m.2 in another board not sure which board still same issues.
maybe its the samsung is the issue which im not sure,
i would like some recomendation on a new board ideally under £100 with around 4 usb 3 or more on the rear which will work with my samsung m.2 drive as a boot drive if not i will buy the samsung 960 evo m.2 which wasnt out at the time i bought the other.
all input very welcome.

Make sure you have the latest BIOS installed on the motherboard, I see several updates mentioning improved NVME support on the newer BIOS.

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Also, check the motherboard manual, many boards are unable to boot from addin card/pcie adapter. Additionally I don’t think you’ll get the same level of performance using the adapter vs the native m2 slot.

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The problem is, the MSI Z170i Gaming Pro AC ITX Motherboard is a small ITX motherboard and only supports a 2260 size SSD. I believe the SM961 and the 960 EVOs are both 2280. The other thing to do, use a faster 2.5" Samsung 850 Pro on the standard SATA III port. Then you would not have to worry about booting from NVME and you would not need a different motherboard.

True, my laptop has the Samsung 960 Pro and boots in a second.

hi thank you for your reply
the pc guy tried the sm961 in a pcie adapter card in the pcie slot on the z170i which he had issues trying to boot,not sure what he has tried.
it might be issue with the sm961.
i think its better getting a new motherboard around the £100 mark with a dedicated m.2 slot for 2280 size and be able to boot from this as well,not sure which board to get though that will work also get a new nvme ssd this tec goes over my head.

I’ve had no trouble with the ASRock H270M-ITX.

hi thank you for your reply.
have you used the m.2 nvme ssd as a boot drive?
am i right reading the m.2 is on top of the board?

Yes. It’s on top of the board and caters for various lengths. I use the M2 as the boot drive running Windows 10, RoonServer and HQ Player. Music is stored on SATA SSD and HD.

I’ve set out the other components of the build in this other thread.. I probably spent too much on the PSU and could have gone for the lower model. I was able to fit a GamerStorm 120 Captain into the case with push pull fans around the radiator. Keeps the i7 nice and cool. I’d suggest a lower profile AIO though, particularly if you’ve got a normal size PSU.

It’s quiet, but not silent, so it sits in my daughter’s closet next to the listening room.

thank you for your detailed reply,whould the aio i have not be suitable?which one would you recomend as pc parts go over my head.
would it be a good idea to put my server in a good size cupbard which i have with my system?

I think that Corsair AIO will be good. The one I got was stupidly large on the CPU which makes it a tight squeeze for my case.

There are two considerations, noise and heat. I put mine in another room because it’s easy for me to connect by Ethernet to a router and then to the mR in the system. Solves both issues.

If your system cupboard contains noise to your satisfaction then heat is the other issue. Depending on ambient temperature and workload I would want some airflow through any cupboard with an i7.

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AiO´s are always either Large on the CPU (mine has the Pump and the and the surge tank on it) or on the Radiator, the EK Waterblocks one is probabily the nicest one on the Market because it uses a normal High-End EK Block on the CPU but has all the Tech on the Radiator which makes it very difficult to Fit into the Case. In my next System I will choose an Aircooler, probably a Noctua, their Top of the Line Model Out-Performs most AiOs.

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