New Music Audition > Purchase > Library Flow

I’m still new to Roon (1-2 months?) and still trying figure out the best flow for this.

I ‘audition’ a lot of new music on an ongoing basis, usually a few hundred releases a week. I find the stuff I want to hear, I add it to a queue, I chew through it all, keep the stuff that’s interesting, then figure out from that what I want to buy and put in my local collection.

Question is, since now so much of what I’m doing - auditioning and hanging on to new stuff through streaming first then bringing in downloaded content into the same system - I’m curious to see how anyone else organizes all this in Roon.

I find what I want to give a fair listen to and add that to my Tidal library (my ‘audition’ queue). So now it’s mixed in with my albums in Roon. All good so far.

I listen through it all and remove what doesn’t pass the test. Still working.

Now I buy all the stuff I want to keep permanently and add it to my local library. Now I have dupes. I started deleting the Tidal versions (just like all my pre-Roon local library) but then I don’t have them available to stream outside the house in Tidal.

I can HIDE the Tidal versions after I add them into my local library. Or I can, instead of adding releases I only want to audition into my Tidal collection, just tag it or do something else to keep it in order.

Any thoughts? I’m really interested to hear about any new music discovery > vetting > permanent purchase flows everybody has going on in Roon.

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One way is to set up Focus to see all albums added after a certain date, then Bookmark that list.

You can also use Focus to see all albums from Tidal or all albums in your location storage locations.

This won’t necessarily help you to keep Tidal albums, that you have locally, out of Roon but in Tidal, but it will help you see what’s where.

Yesss, thanks. I’ve been doing this to keep track of what I’m currently checking out or even properly into but haven’t bought yet. Very handy. I used to do this with playlists in various streaming services and after I buy, I just keep those playlists forever. There are advantages and disadvantages to both I think.

I need to test but can’t you Favourite in the Tidal app without it coming through to Roon

I believe Artists you can , so why not albums

It adds to the work but gives you what you want


sorry , bum lead, I favorited an album in Tidal it shows up (eventually) in my Overview in Roon so the two are synced. It took around 10 mins to show

Now I buy all the stuff I want to keep permanently and add it to my local library. Now I have dupes.

In settings->general, you can chose to not see hidden tracks and albums. If you choose no, duplicates will not show up in album overviews. There are, however, shown in an album details page.
Not sure if this is what you want, bit it does keep things tidy.

Ok great. I hadn’t settled on show dupes or not as I’m getting used to things.

I just experimented with the hide setting ON. Had an album added from Tidal already, then moved new local files into my library directory. And yes, it neatly hid the Tidal version and showed the local in the Albums view. And all versions in that album’s details page.

I always sort by Date Added and use File Creation Time as that date (long story re: my previously existing library) so that caused the locally added album to show up in a different place in the order vs. the Tidal version. Explains some of my confusion but I can handle that.

Problem solved! Onto the fun part of what to add, remove, buy, what I like well enough to keep for streaming but not buy…etc. Seems like it might be good enough to manage on the surface without getting into playlisting and tags and all that. It’s pretty nice.