New music downloads to NAS not picked up by Roon core on new NUC

Hi folks,
for 2 years I have have been using a QNAP NAS, SSD for Roon DB and a 3-disk RAID5 array for music files. I just installed a NUC10i7FNH NUC, installed ROCK, migrated the Roon DB over, set up the paths to my music share locations on the NAS, and just like that, I was up and running, and the NUC core saw all of my music.

The problem is, I downloaded a file last night from nativeDCD to the NAS. When I switch Roon to use my old NAS core, the album is right there with a “new” tag on it. When I flip to the NUC core, the album is nowhere to be found. I have read strings about this type of thing, but have not seen a root cause for my issue here.

When I check the storage page under settings it shows both of my file locations on the NAS as “connected” and “watching for new files in real time”, just as I would expect. I clicked on the 3 dots to the right and issued a forced scan…still no dice.

I made sure the auto rescan interval is set to 4 hours (but I would think it would be right after I pull down the file since the status reads “watching for new files in real time”? Roon was running all last night burning in some new headphones and this a.m. that album I pulled down last night still does not show up?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


I have a very similar setup:
QNAP TS-251+ with 8GB RAM & 2x 2TB SSD’s.
Fanless PICO-PC (i7 10510U) running W10 for rooncore & Plex Server.
I have both server softwares pointing at 2 shares; Disk 1 Movies, Disk 2 Music.
roon DB backup up to NAS.
Shares backed up to external USB drives (periodically, so not always plugged in)

Just set it up this way a few days ago and encountered the same issue as you, so it’s not ROCK IMHO.
I did a reboot of both and hardware’s, the DHCP router and the NetGear switch between the NAS and PICO-PC. I went on the reserve the IP address in the DHCP router and its working beautifully.
it maybe also worth asking your DHCP router to forget all addresses and let it reassign everything.

The PICO-PC is plays roon out via USB to my Vitus RD-100.

Hope that helps!

Hi Rajaish, and thank you for your reply. My question with your suggestion regarding hardened IP addresses is that the NUC finds and plays my entire library right now, as it existed when I brought up the NUC. I can locate and play any of the ~10,000 songs on my NAS from the NUC core with no issue. It was only when I downloaded a new song into my NAS library that the NUC does not see it, but my NAS as a core sees it fine, so I know the new album download is in the right place.

Maybe I am missing a nuance in your reply(?), but it seems that the idea you have would apply if the NUC could not locate the share on the NAS but that’s definitely not the case.

I found the problem. I decided to search for a track on the album and it popped up with the cover art, but no artist biography info, and it is showing as unidentified, which I have never seen before. Roon ran a couple of searches and could not find, I assume, the metadata to accompany the album. It is a fairly new release, within the last couple of months. So I assume I have to just keep searching the song in order to pull up the album until Roon finds the information.


Do you use dbpoweramp? you can mod the metadata as much as you like?
I run a script within dbp’s batchconverter to format albums, even did my whole library with it.
defo worth investigating if you haven’t already

Hi Jeff,
What is the album?

It’s Carmen Gomes Inc, “Up Jumped the Devil”. It’s her take on Robert Johnson-type tunes. Pulled it down from nativeDSD in DSD256 format…

Thanks a lot Rajaish! that’s a great idea. I use dbPoweramp for any rips that I do, but never looked into its metadata modifying capabilities…

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No worries Jeff!

I’d recommend this; firstly copy an album to somewhere where you can play with it then go to:
‘DSP Effects’ > ‘ID tag processing’
And set what you want the changes to be and as.

Then ask it to overwrite the source file.
From ‘DSP effect’ select; ‘delete source file’ There are setting in this too, so select the ones appropriate to your requirements.

You now have a converter script set within DBP so every time you DL a FLAC (you’ll need to do the same settings for other formats IIRC) file you re-convert the album, overwriting it and adding/deleting the meta structure you want at 2-3 clicks of the mouse.

You can even use this script in ‘batch converter’ which has the option to select your whole album collection.!! so you’ll have a unified meta structure across it all.

I did this about 1000+ albums ago… its been slick ever since. :wink: I even have my meta set to overrule roon in ‘roon/settings’ as its more structured and appropriate.