New NAA, HQ Player not playing DSD anymore

Just got my new UP Board Gateway mini computer (UP gateway, ATOM x5-Z8350 [4G RAM, 32G eMMC w/ VESA plate]) and I booted it up from USB stick with naa-431-x64ramfs.7z -image. Everything seemed to be working fine, but then I tried to change from PCM to DSD in HQ Player preferences. Setting was changed from PCM to DSD and after clicking Ok there is no error message, but when starting to play music from Roon it is plying as PCM. Going back to HQ Player preferences Default Output Mode is still SDM (DSD), starting the music again and it’s still playing as PCM.

What is causing this? Do I have wrong NAA image for UP gateway or wrong settings or what? Switching between PCM and DSD with same settings was working fine with Allo USBridge Sig and Sonore ultraRendu

Here are my current settings

Do you need to enable DoP in ‘SDM Pack’ ?

Also try 44.1k x 256 rate (disable adaptive output rate) - just to try.

If setting “SDM Pack” to DoP, it seems to work, but I will get only DSD128x48 instead of DSD256x48 what I was getting earlier with those other devices working as NAA

So is it so that I will not get native DSD with this set-up?

Which is your dac?

DAC is Ayre QB-9 Twenty

I was also trying 44.1k x 256 rate and disabling adaptive output rate, but it won’t work either, this time HQ Player is trying to play DSD, but get’s jammed and never starts playing.

So it seems that I can either have PCM up to 384 or DSD128x48 with this set-up which is a bit dissappointing since I was getting DSD256x48 with Sonore and Allo

If those Linux distros are working im almost certain @jussi_laako could make NAA OS work too

Yes, that’s why I’m wondering if I’m using wrong NAA image or something?

Latest HQPlayer OS supports QX-5 Twenty. If QB-9 Twenty has same USB interface, it could work with the same driver mod.

You could try with latest HQPlayer OS image used as a NAA (it contains NAA support along with HQPlayer Embedded). If that doesn’t work, contact me over email and I can give some instructions to fetch needed information so I could add support for it.

Thanks Jussi, I will try that

One question though, since I’m not familiar with the differencies of the different images, so I just wanted to check which image I should use for UpBoard Gateway, hqplayer-embedded-4.34.1-x64avx2.7z or

I tried with hqplayer-embedded-4.34.1-x64avx2.7z image and the result was the same, so I sent an e-mail to Jussi

This is now solved and support for my DAC will be included in next release. Excellent customer service from Jussi! Thanks!


Nice, once you had mentioned 2 other Linux distros have it working, I knew it would be easy work for The Maestro !

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