New Naim Atom Headphone edition

How do get shown samplerate and other informations on the screen?

That’s easy: walk up to the device and wave your hand before the screen (which activates the proximity sensor). Or use the dedicated button on the remote. Or check it in the Roon app.

The screens on the current Naim streamers are a missed opportunity in my opinion. They are a step up from the old models, being full colour, so nice for displaying artwork but that’s about all. On the old models you could toggle through various useful screens showing track info, sample rate, clock etc. You can’t do this with the Atom etc.
With Roon (from memory, I’m not at home right now) sample rate info is not available on the Atom screen. Personally I’m not concerned by this as the info is visible on the Roon app, and I don’t particularly want or need it on a small screen across the room too, but others might disagree.


Same for Chromecast as well, only seems to be UPnP it snows the sample rate. They are indeed a missed opportunity.

Another missed opportunity is that you can’t keep the clock on the screen as the default. Still love my atom though

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Seems the Tidal connect firmware update may have issues with roon

Not from my experience working as expected. Maybe a few isolated incidents.

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Good to know, thanks.

Yep, also working perfectly for me… :v:

Anyone else experiencing better sound with the Tidal Connect compared to Roon?

Well you can toggle between album art or album info screen but it defaults back to album art after 10 seconds. There is a clock button on the remote and will stay on the clock. Was kind of surprised in the latest software update, they really didn’t change anything other than add Tidal Connect. I’m happy with current settings but would be nice to get users more control if they wanted it.

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Now I’ve got my Naim

Before testing it next week, I’ve seen, that you can’t configure many things.
Bitrate will shown for DLNA and Qobuz (not tested local files orTidal) but not for Bluetooth, Roon or Chromecast.
Also it can be hard to drive Headphones like Hifiman HE1000 V2, but it’s enough power for a Focal Clear MG.

I was intrigued by your question so I listened to Sting’s Mercury Falling on the HE with my headphones and I agree with you. Dynamics are similar but the recording room ambiance is better presented through TIDAL. Overall it also sounds snappier.


Wanted to be able to listen to my headphones away from my amps and man, does this fit the bill. Pairs perfectly with my Focal Utopias (not a shock) and drives my ZMF VCs like a pro. Sounds amazing, great Roon Ready implementation, and just works perfectly out of the box.


Naim make very nice Roon Ready kit, that as you say just work, no waiting for certification and sound superb. I love my regular Atom.


Should I ever want to feed Apple Music into the HE from my iPad, do you think this cable would do the trick?

No as there is no USB audio input on the Atom it’s for sticks and disks only. You would need a usb to Spdif converter.

Right, I thought this was that. Wouldn’t be feeding USB into the Naim, would be feeding the SPDIF end. Wouldn’t that work?

Or just use Airplay (44.1/16) until there is a better solution for Apple music?

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Sorry misread what it was. Yes it might work ok seems cheap for a converter but it’s integrated into the cable rather than a box.

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