New nucleus, can't get ssd formatted

So I choose the nucleus again, go to choose music storage folder. I would have preferred to copy my music to the ssd i put in, but that doesnt work, so i try to add network share, but when i follow the explicit directions in the help, i don’t get any address that i can paste into the add network share box. If I could see the example i could probably figure it out, but the text for windows example is too small.

My music folder currently is on my e drive, labelled music. When I enter e:|\music it says its an invalid network path.(which i know it is)
what is it supposed to look like
this pc\e:\music

when im trying to get back to the nucleus I
i start with choose your roon core
choices are nucleus [ connect]
This pc [use this pc]

when i choose connect i have to log in, i do that

and get the authorizations screeeen

Apparently “office” is authorized., and it wants me to unauthorize it

what is office? I don’t see “office” mentioned anywhere else. Is that my pc roon core, or the nucleus
all i can do is unauthorize , so i do that
and I get to the add your music screen, which , since i haven’t studied networks like the person who wrote these instructions has, I am stuck.

You have two cores running. You need to de authorise the core on your PC. Then you need to ensure anything you do to the Nucleus is via its web admin page and not across the network from your PC.

When you first tell Roon about the SSD drive under Settings > Storage it formats the drive and adds it as a watched music folder.

Then you can access the SSD drive from your PC and copy the music files to it.

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Hey @john_palmer — Thanks for sharing your report with us!

I just wanted to check in and confirm you were able to get things up and running here. The advice above was correct — That message means that there were two cores running, and so you just needed to deauthorize your old one.

Once your Internal Storage is set up, it should automatically appear when you go to Settings > Storage. You can add music to the internal storage by going to File Explorer on Windows and entering this: \\NUCLEUS\Data\Storage\InternalStorage.

You can copy your music into this folder and it will then be available from your internal storage on Nucleus.

Important Note — You don’t want to have your library watched in two places. If you restored a backup and had any other watched folders enabled in Settings > Storage, you want to make sure that those are disabled before copying your files over to Nucleus. When you’re copying files over, it is best practice to have your Roon Core shut down, which you can do from the Web Administration Interface.

If you have any questions about this please let me know!

WELL, I HAVENT GONE BACK CUZ THIS WAS so depressing. The pc install couldn’t be easier.THis makes me want to just send it back
I will start again

I uninstalled roon server from my pc, and reinstalled it
I get authorizations screen
options are get more auths
contact support

Your devices

Nucleus [unauthorize]

so what do I do

I dont want more authorizations
and I’m supposing I don’t want to unauthorize the nucleus

anyway, the only option available to me is to unauthorize, so i do, and i’m back to my pc install
I go to settings
I see nucleus
pc copy
I choose nucleus, and I’m back at the get more authorizations screen

round and round she goes…

Someone mentioned that there was a web browser available. Do i need that?

ok, so this time i deleted server, and settings
when i restarted i got to choose roon nucleus, and it show with a ip address
It’s now playing, i think from nucleus
. I wasn’t able to select because I dont know how to write\thispc;\e:\mymusic as I dont see it on the help page, for pc, only mac, but it seems to know where music. How do i put it into nucleus?

So when the PC was your Roon core it was authorised with your Roon account details. You now want to use those same Roon account details with your Nucleus. Well you can only have one core per account.

Thus to need to remove the authorisation of your PC core and then give it to the Nucleus.

“Thus to need to remove the authorisation of your PC core and then give it to the Nucleus.”
I think i did this, but since I cant find any instructions as to how to do this I’m guessing

It’s playing some of my songs, and I think my son’s songs. It show ~1100 songs but i have ~5000. I can’t select the music folder because I don’t know how , or where, to put that information. When I installed pc server it asked for it, gave me a browse list of folders and I selected it.
THis time I’m expected to just know how to do it.
I don’t see my itunes music either. I don’t see where roon is pulling these songs from.
Where can i find the folders roon is looking into?

To find where you music is coming from go to Settings->Storage.

Who writes this (non support) page?

Someone mentions separate administrative app.
so i look for it
I find the nucleus web administration page

ok, good
It shows me a screen shot of it…looks good. I scroll down to the bottom looking for the download page
Mo, no download link. That would be too easy

I go back up
i see “connecting to nucleus” guide
I click

"find the nucleus on your network

ok…scroll down…
still no download for the program that was mentioned on previous page
scroll back up
I see the "install free roon app on mac/pc. I click here

Generic download page, for all roon software

win 64 control core output
win 32 etc
macosx etc

roon server now 6 sections with core and output

roon remote 3 sections

rock- i know to skip this

I followed a trail to find the programs who’s screenshot is posted on previous screen

Which one do i choose? i have win 64, but do i want control, core, probably not output

I have a roon server ?(nucleus), do i want this one?

roon remote- i 'm not looking to set this up on a phone or an ipad

Is there a reason why you couldnt put the link on the page with the screen shot?

I have been doing computers from '86, and spent many a night looking up stuff on bulletin boards, long before there was a web. I don’t want to do this stuff anymore.
Is there an actual step wise guide to this program anywhere?

i continue
"not sure what to download?
click here

roon control, core output
I have nucleus, so i dont think i want this

roon server- this looks like its for the nucleus, but then it says i need to install the remote on a phone. I dont want to do this

If I want to use the program with the screenshot:
on "using the web administration page, where is that?

So I go back to roon app, close it open it. I dont see any way to open up the administrative app. I dont see place to add folders of music.etc,etc I will stop here, as i want to go slash my wrists.

The Nucleus is an appliance - like a CD player or an amplifier. It’s not a general-purpose computer that you download and install Roon software on to. The software is baked into the hardware, and can be reinstalled from within the Nucleus itself (see the Reinstall button on the Nucleus’ web administration page).

I think you got trapped into a maze of twisty little passages early on with the “what’s this authorization stuff?”. That’s all to do with the fact that you have one license to use the Roon software. It was being used with the Roon Core that runs your PC, but when you switched on the Nucleus for the first time, suddenly a second Roon Core appeared, running in the Nucleus. That’s when you needed to transfer the license from your PC to the Nucleus.

There’s also the process of transferring your music library across from your PC to the internal 2.5" SSD in the Nucleus.

And if you want to preserve any database edits that you have done when the Core was running on your PC, then you need to have backed up the database on your PC, and then restore it into the Nucleus.

Perhaps @dylan has a set of steps that he has prepared earlier to give guidance. If not, I may be able to suggest some later today.

If you are playing music from your Nucleus, then your authorisation problems are over. If you’re still playing music from you PC core then they are not.

If you go into Settings > Storage you’ll see where the current core being used is getting the music files from. If that core is the Nucleus I think you want it to be getting them from the 2nd internal drive and that should show there if its been formatted and enabled.

To see what music files are on the internal music drive you access it from a PC using the network path

That’s the path you use to copy your music from where you had it on the PC to the Nucleus internal music drive. That’s the path you use to add more music. That’s the path you use to copy your music files somewhere else.

First things first - let’s see which Core is currently active in your network. Start Roon on your PC, and go to the main Settings page. That will tell you which Core is currently being used, and what the IP address is. Here, for example, is what I see (I have my Core running on an Intel NUC with the ROCK operating system installed:

If your active Core is on the Nucleus, then I would expect to see the Core called “Nucleus” (with the IP address shown, you can also enter this address into your web browser and see the Nucleus web Administration page). If the Core name is the name of your PC, then the active Core is still running on the PC, and you have not connected the Roon user interface to the Core on the Nucleus. Press the Disconnect button, and you should see a screen where you can select the Nucleus Core.

Hey @john_palmer — Apologies for the confusion here!

As Geoff mentions above, you can go to Settings > General to verify which Core machine you are using. On PC you can use Roon as a Remote (to connect to another Core) or as a Core (which will require an authorization). You’ll want to make sure you are only using the PC as a remote and not as a Core.

The Web Administration Interface is not something you need to download. You can navigate there from inside Roon by following these instructions.

Once you’ve confirmed the Nucleus is your Core, can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage with us? This way we can see what watched folders you currently have active.

Just to confirm — Are you wanting to place this media onto the internal storage of your Nucleus, or are you wanting Nucleus to connect to the PC to access this music?


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…

You told me exactly what I needed to do.
(And my apologies to the community for being hysterical, I think the fact that the initial pc based install was so effortless made me think everything was going to be that way.)

so its running off the nucleus
under settings/storage is shows
Nucleus Internal storage

Is this the 512 gb ssd i installed?
when i do system status, , internal music storage
I formay the drive, and I get

Internal storage disk formatted successfully. However, it seems the IP Address of your device has changed, so you will need to return to the Roon application to determine the new IP of this device

I have got this before, so i dont know what to do now. The roon is hard wired into my 16 port switch.

as for internal storage