New Nucleus(+) hardware

Hi all, are there any rumors about new Nucleus hardware in the nearer future? It’s been 3 years for the current hardware now. I’m planning on buying a Nucleus+ and wouldn’t want to be faced with a new version available a few weeks or months later. Cheers, Max

no new hardware, but yes to the software… release coming out later today :slight_smile:


I have no idea if anything new is coming. Anyone that does know, probably can’t comment. I own the current (Rev B) Nucleus+. Based on my observations, the Rev B is one giant, under-utilised heatsink. :slight_smile: Seems to me that if they wanted to, they could change it to something more powerful and still dissipate the extra heat. But there would need to be a reason. Mine barely seems stressed with anything I ask it to do.

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it should be warm to the touch.

hot means that it cant get rid of the heat, and cold means it’s not working.

but yah, the N+ is pretty powerful… until it’s not (example: DSD512 + DSP + multichannel) – for most people, it’s the right solution to buy and forget.


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