New Nucleus set up

Let me know if this helps. I’ve toggled through the audio options for the Denon on roon and no change. I sent the pics for both the Denon direct hdmi connection and the oppo used as an endpoint. The Oppo connection is about 10-15 clicks louder. It’s quite noticeable.

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What if you changed the Volume Control on the HDMI A device to Fixed instead of Device? I would turn down the volume on the amp before doing so since it will now be controlling the volume.

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Exactly, try as @Rugby suggests. Thanks for the screens!

I tried. It made no difference. The direct hdmi connection from the Nucleus to the Denon AVR is noticeably lower in volume than using the Oppo Blu ray as an endpoint. The Oppo is connected to the Denon by HDMI also. Not sure what else to try. Any suggestions?

Hi @Daniel_Ornstein; sorry, but I have no other suggestions. Strange that the output levels differ so much.

Then I would tackle the issue by adjusting the volume of the input source on the Denon side.

The input on the Denon side is set to 0 db and lets me adjust each speaker up or down. Should I just increase the db on the aux input I’m using? Now both the Blu-ray and aux are both set to 0.

Follow up question….I imported all my files to the internal hard drive. All went well except I had a number of albums that were compilations with various artists. I stored them on my computer in a file called “Compilations”. My Roon Library only shows some of these albums and a few assorted songs from others. I can’t find all the albums and I don’t know where they are stored. Is there a way for me to view the Nucleus hard drive to see where they are stored and get the search tags from them?

The storage on the Nucleus (internal or connected via USB) are visible on your network as a share. You should be able to see it with your PC’s file manager/network view. Finder on a Mac? Not a Mac person.

From my finder:

The music I store on the Nucleus additional SSD (which I added) is found in the folder “InternalStorage”.

I would increase aux input db only, up to the point where it levels with the other inputs. Be careful…

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