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Connecting by HDMI to Denon receiver 7200 WA

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Connected a USB drive with approximately 3000 songs

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I’m totally a novice at this. Just got a new nucleus. Was using a MacBook Pro as core. Followed quick start guide. Logged it to my account. Switched to new Nucleus core. I deauthorized my previous core to start fresh. Got to part where I set up music file locations and logged in to Qobuz. Ap crashed. Could not get back on to finish set up. Rebooted. Let me get to sign in but after sign in it asks me to connect to my new Nucleus. I try and it just tells me I’m already signed in. See attached. It won’t connect to let me finish set up. I tried to deauthorize and start again but ap keeps crashing . I’m stuck and can’t do anything. Is there someone to talk me through this? I don’t know what I’m doing. Please help.

Click UnAuthorize and it should allow you to log in again.

I did…ap just crash’s and then I’m no where. Tried rebooting

Are these screenshots from a phone?
If so, I would try it on the Macbook Pro, if it is still available.

Check if all remotes and the Nucleus are running the most current version of Roon. Nucleus is on 2.0 build 1128, this is not the current build.


They were from an iPad. My MacBook is done. That’s why I got Nucleus. I have a regular Mac but I did not put roon on it.

How do I get in to the nucleus if I can’t get the ap open?

You don’t get to the Nucleus until you successfully log in to Roon.

Is the macbook pro still available?

If so, start roon on it, and make sure you are “disconnected” and “logged out” of the old Core.
Then use the macbook pro to connect to the Nucleus.

Ok…I think the MacBook got me in the new nucleus. Now how do I make sure the nucleus is updated?

Go to Settings/About, it should tell you there (either you are up to date or it will tell you updates available and give you option to update):

You also need to make sure your remotes (phone, macbook pro, etc) are up to date.

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Thanks, @bearFNF was quicker than I was. I hope you get the Nucleus updated now.

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Thank you. Doing that now. Cant you point me to instructions on how to transfer my music into the Nucleus internal hard drive?

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Please see here:

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At little late, but check this also:

And this one:

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Thank you for your help. Appreciate it!

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With pleasure! Enjoy your new Nucleus.

Thank you!

Hi Daniel,

Let me know if everything is now working and I’ll close this thread.

I’m up and running but one issue I have is the volume on my Avr is low. I have a direct connection from the Nucleus to my Denon X7200W with HDMI. I am using one of the auxiliary ports on the Denon and HDMI A on the Nucleus. It’s not terrible but it’s much lower than when I used my Oppo Blu ray as an endpoint and had that connected by HDMI to the Denon. I tried switching some of the volume options on the Roon but nothing really made a difference. Any suggestions?

Hi @Daniel_Ornstein if you could post some screenshots of audio, volume and device settings we could have a look. If possible…