"New Philharmonia" and "Philharmonia" being duplicated in Qobuz

On Qobuz, “New Philharmonia Orchestra” and “Philharmonia Orchestra” is being duplicated every time. What does roon want to do? Equivalent everything to the latest name “Philharmonia Orchestra”, or leave just one, New Philharmonia or Philharmonia depending on the era of the recording?

Thanks for the report, @tripleCrotchet — We are looking into this.

In my case

For example, this album has a recording period of about two years, during which time the name of the orchestra has changed, leaving both New Philharmonia and Philharmonia.
Record artwork also has both names.

This is usual with long-standing orchestras. The Philharrmonia was the original name founded in 1945 by Walter Legge. It is not uncommon for there to be hundreds of names. Roon usually “equivalents” them to the latest name so these sorts of duplicates do not occur. This is the first time I have seen a duplicate like this with orchestras in roon. Both links actually work. What would be better so that the treatment of the Philharmonia and New Philharmonia is in line with roon’s treatment of all other orchestras I am aware of (there may be other similar cases) is that there is a single link of “Philharmonia Orchestra” but that link tells the story of the name change. So from Discogs:

“In March 1964 the founder of the Philharmonia Orchestra, Walter Legge tried to disband the orchestra. On 17 March 1964 the members of the orchestra elected their own governing body and adopted the name New Philharmonia Orchestra. It reacquired the rights to the name “Philharmonia Orchestra” in 1977, and has been known by that name ever since.”

Otherwise it is chaos. The Philharmonia is known by literally hundreds of aliases:

“Philharmonia”, Das London Philharmonia Orchestra, Das Philaharmonia Orchestra London, Das Philarmonia Orchester London, Das Philhamonia Orchester London, Das Philharminia Orchester London, Das Philharmonia Orchester London, Das Philharmonia Orchester, Das Philharmonia Orchester London, Das Philharmonia Orchester, London, Das Philharmonia Orchestra, Das Philharmonia Orchestra London, Das Philharmonia Orchestra, London, Das Philharmonia-Orchester London, Das Philharmonia-Orchestra London, Das Philharmonie Orchester, Das Philharmonie Orchester, London, Das Philharmonische Orchester, London, Das Pilharmonia Orchester London, Festival Orchestra, Filharmonický Orchestr Londýn, Filharmonijski Orkestar, Het Filharmonia Orkest London, Het Philharmonia Orkest, Het Philharmonia Orkest Londen, Het Philharmonia Orkest, Londen, L’Orchestra “Philharmonia”, L’Orchestra Philarmonia Di Londra, La Orquesta Filarmonia, Le Philharmonia Orchestra, Le Philharmonia Orchestra de Londres, London “Philharmonia” Orchestra, London Philharmonia, London Philharmonia Orchester, London Philharmonia Orchestra, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Lontoon Philharmonia Orkesteri, Members Of The Philharmonia Orchestra, National Philharmonia Orchestra, National Philharmonic Orchestra, New Philharmonia Orchestra, Orch. London, Orch. Philharmonia Di Londra, Orch.philharmonia, Orch.Philharmonia di Londra, Orchester, Orchester London, Orchestra, Orchestra Philharmonia, Orchestra “Philharmonia”, Orchestra “Philharmonia” - Londra, Orchestra “Philharmonia” Di Londra, Orchestra "Philharmonia”, Londra, Orchestra “Philharmonica” Din Londra, Orchestra “The Philarmonia”, Orchestra „Philharmonia” - Londra, Orchestra „Philharmonia” din Londra, Orchestra «Philharmonia» - Londra, Orchestra D’Archi Philharmonia Di Londra, Orchestra Della Philharmonia Di Londra, Orchestra London, Orchestra Philarmonia Di Londra, Orchestra Philarmonica, Orchestra Philharmonia, Orchestra Philharmonia Di Londra, Orchestra, London, Orchestre Philarmonia, Orchestre Philharmonia, Orchestre Philharmonique De Londres, Orchestre Philharmonique De Moscou, Orkestar “Philharmonia”, Orkestar Philharmonia, Orq. 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Philharmonia until 1964 and New Philharmonia from 1964 are separate organizations.
It’s not just the name has changed, so I think it’s better to keep it as before.

Perhaps not if different metadata providers don’t make that distinction (and they don’t).

My original point was really the following choices:

  1. Equivalent everything to Philharmonia Orchestra in line with current roon practice for all (or at least most) orchestras.

  2. Use a single legal name at the time of the recording but not two or more names (potentially on a performance by performance basis) effecting almost every corner of the roon catalogue.

I assume that 2 is not realistic.