New Question after figuring out the basics of REW from the community

With the communities help I have finally learned the basics of taking measurements, building a filter set, and then exporting to .WAV. I am running into an issue where there is heavy digital clipping going into my DAC. The filter set is built is below. I only subtracted from the tones and left the “valleys” alone for the time being. I tried adding some headroom in ROON and of course as I thought had no effect. I am thinking I need to lower something to get rid of the clipping. Any recommendations are welcome.

Base RTA Measurements: Left and Right Channels



Apologies, I am not sure what information is useful.

You’re spreading your correction case over several threads, which seems less than optimal for anyone trying to help you…
I responded to your clipping problem elsewhere.

You’re measuring with a fixed microphone position - for giggles, try moving-mic next time and report back on the differences you perceive.