New Radio Stations

Please add Signal Radio: - the eagle Rock Classics true blues good time oldies
Miled Music - Blues
Miled Music - Classic Rock

Many Thanks

Hello @Walter_Fah. I’ve added all but Rock Classics. I wasn’t sure which station you had in mind there as it is not one listed on the website. Which one did you mean? Let me know and I’ll add it.

Hi Brian

Sorry, false name, true is “ Rock Classics”

Thanks a lot

Done, please check

Looks very good - thank you very much.
What I didn’t find is the “ The Eagle”

Strange, it’s there.

Maybe I’m looking wrong … In which genre is this station assigned? Is there a way to display all channels?

It’s in pop/rock. But that’s an enormous category.
You could use location instead but I usually search using the magnifying glass. “Eagle” gives 2 stations.

That’s how I found it, thanks. But when I go over the genre “Pop / Rock - Show All”, I don’t see it …

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Ahh, I think you’ve come across a quirk in the system.
There is a limit to how many stations are shown - 250 it seems.
Anyway, it’s certainly less than the 500+ stations in that category and I believe Roon loads the first 250 it finds and then sorts.

I think it’s been noted before, but I’ll raise it with the devs again. Thanks.

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