New release albums not showing in Roon

Every Friday I look for the new releases in Qobuz grand selection, but for the last 2 weeks nothing new has appeared.
I have also noticed that the album release dates are in no order, i.e. newest to oldest.
(The top 5 albums in the grand selection show release dates in Oct, Aug, Oct, Sep & March so not sure how these are sorted?)
I’ve tried to set the sorting of the album release dates from newest to oldest in both Roon and the Qobuz app, but can’t work out how to do it?

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The Roon system takes updates from Qobuz at intervals - as data is stored in Qobuz’s own system, rather than keeping a separate and independent duplicate database of its own.

To that extent Roon is dependent on Qobuz data for all Qobuz streaming.

I would imagine that over the holidays there have been fewer updates/changes/additions and that there have also been some delays.

No, that‘s not correct.
Roon does keep their own database from Qobuz‘ library, which causes up to a couple days delay showing newest releases.

New releases, even from today, do show up here in Germany, so maybe it‘s a regional thing - but why aren‘t there tons of complaints?

It‘s showing newly catalogued albums with original release dates, and that can‘t be changed by Roon‘s browser sort preference.

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@Marin_Weigel, thanks for the correction!

My apologies. I could have better articulated the relationship between Roon titles and Qobuz titles as explained here:

When you’re browsing Qobuz in Roon, you’re seeing Roon’s Qobuz database, not a direct pass-through of what’s shown on Qobuz…This is also why Roon can sometimes be slightly behind Qobuz when a brand new release comes out – our database is generated daily, but sometimes a new album will just barely miss the cutoff and will show up in a day or two… When this happens you can add the new release directly in the Qobuz app. It will then appear in your Roon library.

I should have said that Roon’s system’s Qobuz database relies on and draws from Qobuz’s database but is not an exact copy of it.

I have album release dates set to ‘release date’ and my grand selection is still listing albums in no order - see below.
Not sure what I’m doing wrong??

Likely nothing, but yours really looks way off compared to what I see here!

The Browser Sort Preferences apply to the Roon Library browsers (Albums, Artists, Tracks, etc.) - they do not AFAIK apply to the Qobuz pages.

Having said that, there’s certainly something odd going on with the Qobuz grand selection page. If I select all genres, then I get (for supposedly “new” releases) a random selection for 2023:

If, however I select the Classical genre (which I am most interested in), then the results can certainly be called “new” releases…


Quite as I stated earlier, but if you look at my screenshot of all genres it seems there might be some regional differences of what’s and how’s shown, me being located in Germany…

I wonder if this has anything to do with the holiday’s new release schedule. It looks like they are an identical selection of new albums in both Roon and Qobuz website. This is the 2nd week without albums dated in December 2023.

I have the same issue.

The same happens with my Roon, if I select all genres I get the strange out of date selection that you get. If I just select jazz, which I mostly listen to, the date order is pretty much correct.

I have the same issue with Qobuz. No new releases sorted as it was before. I tried adding Tidal to Roon and same happens, no new releases sorted. Looks like a Roon issue. I have also a Qobuz integration in my eversolo DMP A6 player which does display the same sorting as the qobuz does. I know all roon and tidal traffic runs through roon servers. I noticed also quite frequently slow connection starting roon / qobuz to complaining loading larger hi-res tracks.

For me this is a big feature why I pay for roon. If it will not be solved, i will cancel my subscription. Maybe all staff left after Harman Kardon acquisition. Maybe Roon should consider a discount?

Not sure if it’s common knowledge that there really aren’t typically new non-classical releases for the last 2 Fridays of a year, and there is scant music released the first Friday of a year as well. For example/proof, follow the week to week in this industry release blog:

As in, when you scroll down:

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Here in Germany, I count 34 new Qobuz releases dated 5th January.

I know it’s probably not that funny for you in this situation, but Han, you’ll be ever Solo after cancelling …

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Maybe completely stupid but there are 2 ways to see new releases in Roon.

  1. option one, the old one I always used, left select Qobuz and in the screen look to new releases. But that screen only displays, Qobuz grand selection, still trending, press awards and top albums on qobuz which all are not new release but maybe some of them. But not latest releases. This makes it a little confusing.

  2. the second option, i just figured out, is the option to go to roon-home screen. If you scroll down a little you see “new releases for you”, clicking on more reveals a consolidated list with streaming services (tidal and qobuz) in my case with the option to sort on relevance and newest. Above selection on genre can be made. I see now even albums which do have a release date in the future. It looks a lot better. Hopefully it helps somebody.

No matter what, I would always recommend checking new releases in On the CD Front / Pause and Play (the music site) and because they have a lot of stuff you won’t see in any streaming service.

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This happens at the end of every year, Roon shows ‘best of’ from the year in Qobuz/Tidal. Not sure how (or even why) they do it, but it inevitably ends up with a thread like this. They should probably give some kind of warning that that’s what they are doing (though I think most users, with a bit of thought, can figure it out).

The second option, ‘new releases for you’ is not a ‘consolidated list’ from the streaming services, but a Valence figured algorithm ‘for YOU.’ If you want to see all (well not ALL imo, but a lot, even though I think it’s supposed to be all) then go to the Qobuz page, select ‘more’ and then the genre(s) you want to see. I’ve always considered it an awkward and clumsy way to do it, but of course, the Roon motto is, ‘why use one click when you could use three!’

Sure, but why are there no new/latest sorted releases anymore? Everything is just random from that 2023 year.

Can be but for me now a suitable solution to verify new releases and listen to find out what is interesting. As suggested by someone else to look the releases somewhere else (specific website) is for me not practical to swap between multiple applications. I have a quite broad music taste so I verify about 20-40 albums a week on Friday morning :slight_smile:

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