New release feature inside Artist Page/Overview

Hello! I’m a fairly recent user of Roon (since last year) so maybe there’s an option to activate this but, I noticed that if I go to an artist’s page, it will show all the local files (and added stream tracks) that I have in my library, along with all the Bio description and album organization that Roon is good for; but there isn’t a section AT ALL that will tell you “oh this artist has a new single/new album out (that it isn’t added in your library already)” which is kind of frustrating…

Not sure if many people do it, but I like to go to a singer’s page and see what’s new with them and/or listen to their songs I already have. An extra tab (“New For You”) along “Popular Tracks” and “My Library” would be perfect.
Example: I have Lana del Rey’s discography, who has 2 new singles out in this past month, and whenever I go to her page, they’re nowhere to be shown. If I didn’t know already about those songs, I would have never known she has something new. I have to manually go into her profile in TIDAL, see the tracks there and add them to my library (again, only if I know there’s something new).

update: just noticed, when I go to “Discography” mode, the “album” section shows only my added albums, but in “singles”… it’s a mess as it’s merging my local/library added singles + all the TIDAL singles that I never added since they’re so unorganized, now it’s all a merged mess (but at least the new songs show up there lol), any way to fix that?
update 2: looking at another artist’s page, who I only have 2 singles, there is a “recommended: latest” box… that does show a new release I don’t have it in my library. But this works only with a certain artists, most of them only have “Recommended” showing my tracks, “Latest” tab doesn’t show up.

Also, I don’t understand much the difference between Overview and Discography tabs… They seem almost identical to me, except that discography shows everything in your library whereas Overview is pretty much the same plus Bio/related tracks info (and it doesn’t show all the “singles” you have, even if you keep scrolling to the right). Kind of redundant if you ask me, both tabs would work better merged: All Bio info, discography, related tracks… unless the discography consists of 500 albums (I find this very rare) then I guess I can see the need of “simplify” in overview mode.

Thanks for any support/insight in advance!

The overview page is really for people hitting the artist for the first time.

The recommended albums shows albums Roon thinks you should start with or if you have some albums, the next ones you should check out. You can also see what tracks are popular with other users as a starting point.

The discography is the page more suited to what you are looking for. If you tap the sort button you can show the latest first.

Then you should be able to see in the singles section what that artists latest tracks are.

On the mess of singles, Roon will by default split out albums or tracks that don’t match the exact version you already have in your library. If you tap on the single or album, then tap on the versions tab you can tap “group all” to group the same tracks or albums together so in your library, you only see one entry.

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The albums on the Overview page are what is IN your library. The Discography page is not about your library but the artists releases as a whole.

Hi Anton
I had the impression that if you mark an artist as loved the home page is going to show you the new releases (but maybe I’m wrong)

If the artist discography is big it makes sense, an then you cannot have different ordering styles and tabs (or maybe you could have… custom home page and tabs)

Looking at Bach:
Overview contains Bio, Albums in my Library, Compositions in my library, Recommended albums (not in my library), Notable compositions, Similar composers, New releases for fans of…, top conductors of…, Top performers of…, Influences, Followers (so having merged overview with discography would be an endless scroll to get to the recommended albums that I was a lot in cases with looooong discography)
Discography is just the list of albums (in the used case 10045)

For discography I do not find a way to take out the saved on library from the list (I’m all streaming, nothing local). I can click on the little circle, my library, and see only what I have saved but I do not know how to take them out from the list. Maybe there are workarounds but I have no idea for the moment.

For special cases when you are using focus you can use bookmarks that update automatically (I use that to save all albums of the selected composer by a specific performer)

I would like a special customisable tab :slight_smile:

All the best

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If you have the show in library icon on then it’s easy to see what’s in your library and whats not from discography. Although it does only look at streaming services to get the version so if the one in your library is your own copy and not the same version of that album it won’t show as being non your library unless you group it with the streaming one annoyingly.

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Hello, ok yes, I found that Overview shows all that I have in my library (including SACD version), but then in that tab, it won’t show ALL the singles that I have in my library, in fact, it shows up to 15 singles in that carousel view (which I’d prefer for it to be a grid) and the rest just disappears… so to find it, I do have to go to Discography tab, browse through all the merged mess releases (mine + TIDALs) and that’s where I find the missing singles :frowning:

Hopefully the singles view in Overview will be revised then, thanks!

Thank you for the info! Yes, I find myself using the Discography tab more often because sometimes the Overview won’t show up all my library files, just the “best of”, especially with the “Singles” albums (big fan of B-sides, remixes, bonus stuff, etc…). But yes, the Overview is very useful for an “overall” review lol, but then again… only with some artists I get the Recommendation_Latest box feature, with some of them, I don’t, and then I manually have to look if they have something new released.

Re: the mess. Mostly, the mess comes from TIDAL (and many other streaming platforms) having like 4 versions of the same single, which painfully annoys me, and because it’s not my local library, I can’t merge them to have a clean, neat 1 single album for the song, hence the messy look of all the singles releases (doesn’t happen often with albums, but I’ve seen 3 editions of the same album floating around).

Hi! Yes, I have that icon turned on, that’s what has been keeping me sane somehow when organizing and seeing what’s what in my collection lol. Thanks!

Hello! Yeah, the loved artist works for the recommendations on home page and related music/genre, which is very cool! But the matter is when I go directly to a specific artist page, most of the times it doesn’t show that this artist has new music, only what you and Tidal have on it’s library. Like I said, sometimes a “Latest” box appears in Overview, but not always.

You’re right, Overview and Discography in your example shouldn’t be merged, I understand that now, so that’s fine. (Update: found the focus icon in Discography which helped organizing this ->) But yes, in the “discography tab”, you can see ALL the releases, not only the ones you “saved” or “added to your library”. So, perhaps a “Focus” option in the Discography tab to show all material from ONLY my library/saved items would be great, not the entire recording career lol.


It can’t show material outside of your streaming subscription. It use this to show the discography and be able to sample them. So if a new release isn’t available on that service it can’t be shown. It would be nice to a have new release part of it where it shows the latest albums/eps/singles available.

You have a library icon to click to show only items you have in discography it’s the books slanted it the left.

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Yeah for sure, but the thing is that IT IS available in that streaming service, like if I manually go to TIDAL, it’s there lol. Actually, if I do a manual search for the specific new song in ROON, it will show up too. It just doesn’t show up in the artist’s main page and won’t notify me, so that’s what: unless you know that there’s a new song and look for it, and add it to your library, you won’t know -unless you get the recommendation latest box, which is a hit and miss. lol.

About the Focus icon… omg. daaaah, my bad I didn’t see that! Thank you for helping me out to clean up the view lol. Still, in the Overview section, won’t show the entire singles.

Can you u give examples of stuff not showing in discography but can be found manually?

You can do this. On a tablet or PC, tap and hold on the single then tap the ones you want to group. Go to edit and group alternative versions.

Ok, so Lana del Rey has a new song called “A&W”, haha. So it does show up now in Discography under the Singles view (I guess it’s the delay that takes from Tidal to appear in Roon, as I read somewhere), but it doesn’t appear in the Overview page, and you’d assume that would be the first place where they’d tell you there’s a new song available since it’s the first/main page that you come across in Roon, rather than having to dig inside the discography tab (and imagine if the artist has a zillion of album releases, placing the singles in the very bottom). And not always I’ll be going in that dive to see if there’s anything new lol.

But how can I view only the albums (from tidal) that are not saved (from tidal) in library (like the second click to turn the icon from blue to red). First I tried selecting all saved and do I tag thinking I can subtract that from Discography. But that is possible only with the saved in library (albums, tracks, etc) not on the Discography. Maybe I miss something out, there has to be a workaround. I was thinking that I can do this selections and save a bookmark that auto updates (maybe have that bookmark into a box on the home page).

I managed to do that only if they’re local albums and if Roon finds it’s streaming counterpart. But it doesn’t work with only the streaming releases, just tried doing it again, but I guess that makes sense as they’re put out there by another service, not by me.

From my observations I can tell that sometimes works like you want it but sometimes just like you described it, sometimes the last release is on the Overview page, sometimes in the Overview there are older suggested albums. I did not notice what makes the rules so it works the way it does.

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You can’t it doesn’t go that granular. Just focus on qobuz and you have to look for the absence of the library icon. Roon doesn’t have a focus to show items not in your library.

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Maybe I’m missing something here but here’s what I think you want:

These two tracks are both streaming tracks, not my library.

When I tap and hold on the first one, then tap the second one.

Now I can either merge them into an “album” with multiple tracks or in this case, group alternate versions.

Which results in one album on any screen, with each track showing under versions:

All four of those are in your Roon library. Hence, the library ICON.

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